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Summer 2009 Drama Preview

Can it still be called a preview if some of the series kind of already started? :\ Ah, well, either way, here’s my preview of this season’s upcoming dramas. My top three this season are three definitely pretty boy dramas: Buzzer Beat, Orthros no Inu, and Otomen. (Although I probably will check out many more too, since there’s a lot of promise this season!)

Also is it just me or are there many more Johnny’s this season? 7 in lead or co-leading roles this season? Has that happened before?

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Spring 2009 Drama Preview
March 31, 2009, 4:58 pm
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Made it in time for April 1st! 😀 Winter season was good, here’s hoping the momentum carries on this season.

So my “recommendations” for watchable dramas has sucked consistently – but just look, one of these days I’ll correctly predict the good dramas. For the new shows this season, I’ll be keeping an eye out on Atashinchi no Danshi, Quiz Show, and Meitantei no Okite.

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Midseason Look at Dramas

Well, more like quarter-season, but I feel like I’ve watched enough to give some recs. This season’s dramas are (by my standards, at least) unbelievably good. All the ones I’ve watched have English subs, found at, cough, the usual places. (Please don’t ask me how to find subs.)

Here’s my take on them. Since Valentine’s day has just passed, let’s do some rating in hearts! 😀

Mei-chan no Shitsuji – ABSURDLY GOOD. The synopsis doesn’t do it justice! Orphaned Mei is suddenly thrust into high-class school St. Lucia as the heir of the affluent Hongo group with her own S-rank (super talented, and coincidentally super hot) butler. A lot of ridiculous antics from the crazy bitches at the school. All the protagonists are likable characters, there is possible romance and definitely mystery, and seriously crazy creepy antagonists you just shiver to see – this is so far terrific!

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Winter 2009 Drama Preview
January 7, 2009, 4:45 pm
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Whew! I’ve done a year of drama previews already, and it’s time for 2009’s dramas.

This seems like a fairly weak season, by my picks would be Voice, Zeni Geba, and probably Uta no Onii-san for the laughs. I’m a little late for this season, but nevertheless –

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Fly to High Awards 2008
December 30, 2008, 7:00 pm
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I blog about j-pop and j-dramas, plus I’m critical of others (har, har) so I figured – who better to pass judgment on those subjects than me? (Rhetorical question.) It’s time for me to give my two cents on 2008.

And if you notice some heavy, heavy bias – well, everything is based solely on my and only my opinion. (:

Starting with:

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Fall 2008 Drama Preview

Summer season 2008 was terrific – granted, I’ve yet to finish all of them, but the ones I’ve watched and finished have been great. Unfortunately, it seems to be a trend that all the good dramas air in summer – how’s autumn looking up?

I’m checking out quite a few dramas out of loyalty for the stars I follow, but if I had to rec three to check out based on how the plot sounds, it’d be Ryusei no Kizuna, Bloody Monday, and Giragira. And now, to the dramas:

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Summer Season Drama Preview

Back for another season of dramas 😀 Here’s my take, but the official synopsis are over at tokyograph. My top picks for the season would have to be Maou, Cat Street, and – is anyone surprised – Code Blue!

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