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Summer 2009 Drama Preview

Can it still be called a preview if some of the series kind of already started? :\ Ah, well, either way, here’s my preview of this season’s upcoming dramas. My top three this season are three definitely pretty boy dramas: Buzzer Beat, Orthros no Inu, and Otomen. (Although I probably will check out many more too, since there’s a lot of promise this season!)

Also is it just me or are there many more Johnny’s this season? 7 in lead or co-leading roles this season? Has that happened before?

Buzzer Beat

Meaning: Yamapi has a girlfriend, falls in love with another girl, plays basketball, and should demonstrate a certain level of sucking in all of the above. Sweetly, though.
Verdict: Yamapi, Kitagawa Keiko, Aibu Saki in one drama? Can this really be bad? DEFINITELY WATCHING!

Koishite Akuma

Meaning: Vampire boy unwittingly falls in love with human teacher – aka Twilight, Japan style.
Verdict: Oh gorgeous and talented Kato Rosa, why does your romance costar have to be a kid. This is also starring that Yuma from the spankin’ new pimped out but full of strange and unknown little boys Johnny’s group, so maybe it’s trying to suck in the kiddies of Japan like Twilight did to the poor preteens of the US.

Akahana no Sensei

Meaning: A hospital middle school teacher tries to make sick kids happy but fails.
Verdict: … and then he will succeed to get to the children, heartwarmingly. Sounds kind of predictable and boring. Kashii Yu stars though, so that might be the one bright point.

Dandy Daddy?

Meaning: Daddy writes romance novels but tries to forbid his daughter from dating.
Verdict: What can I say, just the gaudiness of the CM makes this seem like it’ll be hilarious.

Ninkyo Helper

Meaning: Kusanagi puts on his clothes (sorry, can’t help it) and plays a mob boss who has to help at a nursing home.
Verdict: And Kuroki Meisa plays the sexy and feisty rival female mob boss. She will be wearing black yakuza befitting yet sexy suits. Ahem. That alone would probably make this worth it.

Saru Lock

Meaning: A loser idol-wotaku uses lock picking to solve cases with presumably equally loser-looking friends.
Verdict: Interesting premise, but how badass can lock picking possibly be? Guess it’s late night for a reason…

Call Center no Koibito

Meaning: Big shot employee gets demoted to a call center but finds ~love~.
Verdict: Yawn. Too bad they didn’t make it like an online dating call center or something, then that might be more interesting. But at least it does star ex-prime minister Koizumi’s hot son.

Haken no Oscar

Meaning: Shoujo manga otaku semi-hallucinates and decides to kick ass, Rose of Versailles style.
Verdict: ……fine NHK, you win this time. If it’s subbed I’ll give this a try.

Orthros no Inu

Meaning: A evil dude heals people he touches, a nice dude kills people he touches, what will happen when they meet?!
Verdict: Lolol it’ll be nice to see both Tackey and Nishikido Ryo go around an entire drama not touching any people. Love it. Also Mizukawa Asami will be in this too, and she is awesome.


Meaning: Katori Shingo plays a presumably hilarious policeman who mugs around the neighborhood.
Verdict: Good if the presumably hilarious part plays out in ways more than just weird faces.

Karei Naru Spy

Meaning: Nagase Tomoya and Fukuda Kyoko are badass spies.
Verdict: It sounds like a very standard spy drama but, really, you can’t go wrong with spies!


Meaning: The strong and manly Asuka is actually has super girly tastes! Mayhem ensues when he falls in love with a tomboy.
Verdict: YES. If they can do the adorable manga even 75% justice, this will be terrific to watch.

Kanryotachi no Natsu

Meaning: The economy sucks now, so let’s make a movie about when the economy was good to help make it better again!
Verdict: The title means “The Summer of the Bureaucrats.” Because what screams summer like sun, surf, and bureaucrats, right?

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