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Midseason Look at Dramas

Well, more like quarter-season, but I feel like I’ve watched enough to give some recs. This season’s dramas are (by my standards, at least) unbelievably good. All the ones I’ve watched have English subs, found at, cough, the usual places. (Please don’t ask me how to find subs.)

Here’s my take on them. Since Valentine’s day has just passed, let’s do some rating in hearts! 😀

Mei-chan no Shitsuji – ABSURDLY GOOD. The synopsis doesn’t do it justice! Orphaned Mei is suddenly thrust into high-class school St. Lucia as the heir of the affluent Hongo group with her own S-rank (super talented, and coincidentally super hot) butler. A lot of ridiculous antics from the crazy bitches at the school. All the protagonists are likable characters, there is possible romance and definitely mystery, and seriously crazy creepy antagonists you just shiver to see – this is so far terrific!

Uta no Onii-chan – Also unbelievably good. You’d think being centered around a children’s show it’d be stupid, but there’s actually a lot of injustice, heartbreak, and hope centered around these people dressing in costumes and singing children’s songs. It’s really good – the half star off is for Ohno’s character looking like a mad pothead 90% of the time; his acting is good and his surly face matches the character, but makes the plot slightly less believable.

Triangle – the first parts are really dry, but by the third episode it gets really good – trust me! Unlike most mystery shows, Triangle focuses on just one mystery, but becomes truly mindboggling as episodes continue and, despite more facts being unveiled, the plot becomes deeper and more confusing. It gets annoying in how addicting it is, and you really want to keep watching until you know what will happen.

VOICE – Despite its edgy advertisement, VOICE is less mystery and more human-relations show. It’s not bad – although the amount of mystery is little, the human interactions are touching. It’s more like a sappy tell-their-story drama than a find-the-murderer, but it does a good job. The best part of the drama would be how the group of forensic medicine students VOICE centers upon are diverse and really grow on you.

RESCUE: The production values are high – they have actual fires and explosions and stuff sometimes. Think a Code Blue with firefighters and more bromance – yep, you’ve got the possible-but-not-really romance, past issues, flashbacks, etcetc. Surprisingly engaging despite firefighting school being a rather dull subject.

Kami no Shizuku – Okay, I watched this for the heck of it since, despite having a big-name Johnny’s, it’s the lowest rated drama of the season so far. In actuality, it’s not as bad as you’d expect. It’s not good either though – you’d have to care about wine to enjoy it; otherwise, it’s rather dull because it honestly sounds like the characters are spewing out a bunch of made-up facts.

Zeni Geba: The first episode was crazy and almost unswallowable – the flashbacks of Futaro were painful (but probably the best-acted part), and the present Futaro is just off the bat insane. It gets a little better as Futaro starts scheming, but he always seems less like a money-loving evil mastermind than just a money-loving seedy pervert… no amount of Japanese poverty and grief can screw a normal person up this much. I’d like to see if his plot succeeds, but I really can’t bear to sit through too many episodes of this.

I wish I could give a more comprehensive review of this season, but looking as that I will be continuing to watch five of the seven I tried (my coursework will undoubtedly be neglected…) this is probably all I can manage. I strongly reccommend you to at least try watching the top five dramas on this list – believe me, they’re worth it.

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Saito Ryusei (young Futaro) wins my heart with every second he’s onscreen in that first episode.

I also have to completely agree – Mei-chan was not done justice in the synopsis. It’s so much fun! But when you consider every other drama this season, perhaps it really had no contest.

Comment by Kimitsu

hmm. I might watch ohno’s drama after all…

Comment by Elizabeth

Yeah, Mei-chan no Shitsuji definitely rocks. It has just the right mix of gleefully random crackness, interesting characters/ enduring friendships, and treacly wish fulfillment involving pretty boys. I haven’t had a chance to watch any of the other ones, but ever since Maou, Ohno is my hero. However, having not tried RESCUE yet, I don’t see how firefighting school could be boring.

Comment by Marilyn

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