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Beautiful Girls from This Girl’s Point of View
August 30, 2008, 8:22 pm
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First things first: with some computer problems, I haven’t really been too caught up on the scene and what’s happening – which means I haven’t been blogging much and probably won’t be blogging much for awhile.

But just for fun while I’m borrowing a friend’s computer, here’s a list of the ladies in Japanese entertainment I want to look like the most. I found that many times, talent and popularity doesn’t equal me exactly wanting to look at them – and women that male fans (and some female fans) drool over don’t seem so hot to me.

So based completely on being shallow and judgmental on looks for once, here’s my top ten girls:

10. Toda Erika

Toda Erika used to look a little weird and awkward to me, but it’s mostly her fashion that caught my attention. I’ll admit, I only started liking her after I saw her in her drama Liar Game with a great colorful costume, bright tights and all. Also, recently she’s been going for a more sexy look – and it’s really working for her.

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Aragaki Yui – Make My Day
July 10, 2008, 1:06 pm
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Model-actress-singer Aragaki Yui released her first album last year, but will release her first single “Make My Day” on July 16. The title song was the theme to last season’s drama 81 Diver. The single will be released in three versions – one regular, and two DVD versions.

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