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Winter 2009 Drama Preview
January 7, 2009, 4:45 pm
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Whew! I’ve done a year of drama previews already, and it’s time for 2009’s dramas.

This seems like a fairly weak season, by my picks would be Voice, Zeni Geba, and probably Uta no Onii-san for the laughs. I’m a little late for this season, but nevertheless –


Meaning: Five young and hot doctors will solve mysteries by dissecting dead bodies. Think hot, young, Japanese CSI.
Verdict: I like CSI. Also, Eita, Ikuta Toma, and Shihara Satomi are damn hot. Screenwriter not really known for good mysteries though… but I like CSI-ish shows…

Mei-chan no Shitsuji (Mei-chan’s Butler)

Meaning: Shoujo adaptation~
Verdict: So if this is about Mei and her dream butler, why are there like 20 people on the advertisement?


Meaning: Expired murder cases! Cue the flashbacks scenes.
Verdict: Mystery show for SMAP fans. And possibly for fans of pagan sacrifices, if the creepy triangles on its website are any indication.

Kami no Shizuku

Meaning: Kame is going to drink wine even though he doesn’t know shit about them.
Verdict: To its credit, with the tabloids screaming about Kame getting drunk in gay bars, this is much more believable than Kame playing an overweight boxer last year…


Meaning: Mysteries solved by capable chick played by Kanno Miho!
Verdict: Supposedly based on real life crimes – will either be totally kickass or play out like a sniffy Lifetime movie.


Meaning: Mysteries, by high schoolers!
Verdict: NHK drama, NHK drama, I have no expectations., For those of you who like Takahashi Ai and aren’t bothered that she’s still playing a little high school girl.

Arifureta Kiseki (Unsurprising Miracle)

Meaning: Human relations drama, brought to you by Nakama Yukie.
Verdict: Probably unsurprising(ly boring.)

Love Shuffle

Meaning: A hotter and (potentially) funnier and non-reality wife-swap.
Verdict: I might bite for this one. Tamaki Hiroshi, feel free to swap to be with ME anytime you want.

Uta no Onii-san

Meaning: Guy down on his luck becomes the guy on Minna de Utao who’s dressed in neon colors.
Verdict: LOLOLOLOL.  How do you go from being cast as badass murderer mastermind to the loser guy on Minna no Utao, HOW.

Naniwa no Hana

Meaning: Crime solving + samurai
Verdict: How did gorgeous Chiaki get stuck acting with some kid on an NHK drama. Oh Japan.


Meaning: KAT-TUN’s Nakamaru and NEWS’ Massu are going to be heroic firefighters.
Verdict: Try to keep a straight face when they announce that nobody-recognizes-him Nakamaru and dopey-and-hungry Massu are playing a drama where they’re the “best of the best.” Lol.

Zeni Geba (Money Crazy)

Meaning: Matsuyama Kenichi plays a psycho rich dude!
Verdict: Last line of tokyograph synopsis: “he makes victims out of everyone around him.” What a total badass. I’m in.

Moso Shimai (Paranoid Sisters)

Meaning: Three psycho girls have fantasies about being romance novel heroines in a quest to find their mothers…
Verdict: …ok, this is some screwed up shit.


Meaning: Historical drama.
Verdict: Okay I’m obviously not going to watch some historical NHK drama, but Tsumabucki Satoshi looks damn good dressed up in the ad.

Honjitsu mo Hare. Ijo Nashi.

Meaning: A cop is going to do police-y things in a remote island of Okinawa.
Verdict: Are people going to be slaughtering or sexing it up all over the island? Otherwise, what’s he going to do, stop people from stealing each others beach sandals? Good if you like watching shows to further hating your cold wintery life while these people play on warm Okinawan beaches.

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there are so many mysteries this season! can’t say I mind though, hopefully they’ll be good.
Voice looks good, Love Shuffle too. I might go for Nakama yukie’s drama too…one that’s finally not gokusen related! i’m gonna have to sample a few more too, but which ones have yet to be decided…

Comment by Elizabeth

Q.E.D.! i don’t mind it being an NHK drama but me likes nakamura aoi. he’s so cuuute! 😀 thanks for the post. 🙂

Comment by kon-kon

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