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Fly to High Awards 2008
December 30, 2008, 7:00 pm
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I blog about j-pop and j-dramas, plus I’m critical of others (har, har) so I figured – who better to pass judgment on those subjects than me? (Rhetorical question.) It’s time for me to give my two cents on 2008.

And if you notice some heavy, heavy bias – well, everything is based solely on my and only my opinion. (:

Starting with:

Best Single*: Perfume – Baby Cruising Love/Macaroni

Both songs on this single are perfection. One is a danceable and fairly upbeat, while the other is mellow and almost acoustic, both showing the range of electronic music Perfume is capable of.

Runner Up:
2. Aoyama Thelma – Soba ni Iru ne
3. Arashi – Truth/Kaze no Mukou e
4. NEWS – Happy Birthday
5. Fukuhara Miho – Himawari
*Single judgment based on all A-sides and B-sides in a single.

Best Album: Perfume – GAME

This album won by a long shot; full of a variety of technopop, from aggressive tracks to electropop to just danceable techno, it’s a perfect album.

Runner Up:
2. Ikimonogakari – LIFE Album
3. Suzuki Ami – Supreme Show
4. Otsuka Ai – LOVE LETTER
5. NEWS – color

Best PV: Perfume – Secret Secret

Despite being pretty much a glorified Pino commercial, this video featured some of the most stunning visuals without seeming overdone, has an interesting concept, and holds a visual quality of being futuristic at times and old-fashioned cinema in the others. Just terrific.

Runner Up:
2. NEWS – Summer Time
3. Double and Amuro Namie – Black Diamond
4. Arashi – Truth
5. Kuroki Meisa – Like This

Best Johnny’s Song: Arashi – One Love

Absolutely no competition this year. Gorgeous ballad that makes me want to go off and get married to Arashi. Well, even more than I do usually.
Runner up:
2. Arashi – Truth
3. Tegomass – Ai Ai Gasa
4. NEWS – Summer Time
5. Hey!Say!JUMP – Dreams come true

Best Drama: Ryusei no Kizuna (Fall)

It has everything: comedy, mystery, plot twists, heart-wrenching sob-moments, hot guys, pretty girls, decently good acting – if there’s one drama worth checking out this whole year, it’d have to be this.

Runner Ups:

2. Seigi no Mikata – extremely sweet and charming comedy; terrific acting.

3. 33 Pun Tantei (33 Minute Detective) – not that popular a drama, but I thought it was quirky and very amusing.

4. Maou – gets repetitive and overdramatic but overall an engaging plot with good acting and mood.

5. Last Friends – gets repetitive plotwise, but has great acting and some convoluted yet relatable and unforgettable characters.

And… that’s it! 2008 was undeniably the year of Perfume (for me, at least.) Here’s to hoping for the best in 2009. 🙂


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I really like how much NEWS is here hah~
Having an extremely huge bias myself, I think color was probably the best album for me. As much as I love Aichin, she’s getting kinda dry for me, and I’ve never really liked Perfume.

I was kinda sad at the lack of Code Blue lol..
To me, that was the best drama of this yr..
Ryuusei no Kizuna was at pmall when I checked, but I didnt have enough money to get it… uhh
So I bought the kurosagi movie instead. Wut. I love erika and nino, so I think this is definitely on my list to watch next.

Truth was a very strong single, yes. I didn’t like the B-side, or the C-side, whatever it is. I found it .. I can’t really say boring, but thats the word coming to my mind. I like the PV for Dreams Come True.. its really trippy. I haven’t heard the entire single but I do enjoy the A-side, so maybe I should get to downloading that.

Good post!


Comment by Misa

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