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Nishino Kana (Or, How Visual Performance Relates to Music)
May 4, 2012, 1:38 am
Filed under: Jpop


I finally started listening to Nishino Kana last month – I know, where was I all of the last two years when she was the top of everyone’s list?  I’ve enjoyed what I heard so far (though I still think her music is fairly one-track and similar sounding.)

Getting off track though: before I listened to her music in the car of a friend and got hooked, I had avoided listening to her not out of spite or dislike, but out of just boredom.  I got most of my j-pop exposure from the internet, where video is king and youtube (or other streaming or download or mysterious ways of acquiring media, your mileage may vary) is the hand that feeds us all. However a big fan you are of her, you have to admit: on live performances, she has fairly bland stage presence. Her PVs are all fairly similar, she looks like a fashionable girl dropped straight out of Shibuya, and her voice is good but not particularly unique.

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