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Summer Season Drama Preview

Back for another season of dramas 😀 Here’s my take, but the official synopsis are over at tokyograph. My top picks for the season would have to be Maou, Cat Street, and – is anyone surprised – Code Blue!

Ando Natsu

Meaning: Another cooking drama, this time with donuts and pastries.
Verdict: All depends on how funny they can make it. No big names that I’m interested in, particularly.

Taiyo to Umi no Kyoshitsu

Meaning: ANOTHER school drama. This time with snooty prep school kids instead of gangstas though.
Verdict: I’ve had enough of the GTO/Yankumi wannabees. Also, the name translates to “Sun and Ocean’s Classroom” – so what are they going to do, show students the way of life by almost drowning them?


Meaning: A total fail cop will bumble around, solving crimes but making you wonder what Japan’s justice force is coming to.
Verdict: The synopsis sounds stupid, but Koike Teppei looks so cute in that cop outfit.

Monster Parent

Meaning: Lawyer vs. scary psycho parents of students.
Verdict: They’re either going to spew law at me or GTO-style parenting. Yawn. Hiraoka Yuta is pretty to look at though.

Gakko ja Oshierarenai!

Meaning: Fukada Kyoko will teach students how to find life through shakin’ their thangs.
Verdict: Pass. Unless you like looking at Fukada Kyoko, which a lot of people do.

Gonzo: Densetsu no Keiji

Meaning: Angsty detectives
Verdict: Maybe. These either go really well or really off, depending on how they pull it off.

Seigi no Mikata

Meaning: Yamada Yu is going to bully Shida Mirai. Endlessly.
Verdict: This actually looks pretty funny; and my sadistic side is always up for some bullying.

Cat Street

Meaning: People with issues join together and form. Romance ensues. (This drama won’t start until August.)
Verdict: I know nothing about Cat Street except that the manga is by the same person who did Hana Yori Dango. And I adore Hana Yori Dango; okay, I’m in.

Sono Otoko, Fuku-Shocho 2

Meaning: The same detective drama as season 1, except it’s season 2.
Verdict: Even the tokyograph syopsis says its an “ordinary detective drama.” Ordinary.

Yottsu no Uso

Meaning: A bunch of women get together and reveal their dirty secrets.
Verdict: I’m too young for these middle age crisis dramas, unless they tell me they killed a load of men in their youth or something.

Code Blue

Meaning: Yamapi, Aragaki Yui, Toda Erika, and others will be helidocs, flying in ur skies, savin’ ur lives.
Verdict: YES. YES. YES. Say it with me now. YESSSSSSSSSS.

Lotta de 6 San-oku Ni-senman en Ateta Otoko

Meaning: A poor dude wins a 320 million yen in the lotto.
Verdict: He will inevitably have problems with having so much money. Bull. If I had that much money my life would be sweet, even if I have to pay for a therapist with a few million out of that 320.


Meaning: Ohno Satoshi and Toma Ikuta will be sternfaced people dealing with crime. Or something.
Verdict: …well I like Arashi, so I Like Ohno. And I like Toma. So I’ll be watching this even if they don’t pull off the mystery part well – which they actually seem like they will.

Dageki Tenshi Ruri

Meaning: SuperOfficeLady, fighting crime!
Verdict: LOL.

Kagero no Tsuji 2

Meaning: Some drama about ancient Japanese people.
Verdict: Historical NHK dramas never were my thing; 95% chance it’s not your thing either.

Walkin’ Butterfly

Meaning: A beautiful, tall girl needs to get over being beautiful and tall to model.
Verdict: Wow, life is sooooooo hard for her. Unless she’s some 12 foot tall chewbaca, there’ll be no compassion coming from me. Maybe next season we’ll have some singer being too insecure by having too good a voice, or some athlete being insecure because she’s born too athletic.


Meaning: The heartwrenching movie now dragged out into MULTIPLE hours.
Verdict: Nothing will beat the movie, but I love the plot, so I’ll probably get suckered into this. Again.

Yasuko to Kenji

Meaning: Love rectangles with former gang members, you know.
Verdict: TOKIO’s Matsuoka will be a shoujo-writing gangster. It’s just weird enough to get me at least a little interested in what otherwise would seem rather boring.

33 Pun Tantei

Meaning: Domoto Tsuyoshi will be a bad detective incorrectly solving crimes for 33 minutes. (This won’t air until August.)
Verdict: This can be either really stupid or really funny; either way, it doesn’t matter for me because I love Dots.


Meaning: A doctor and a nurse have issues and try to rebuild a hospital.
Verdict: Go watch Code Blue.

Here is Greenwood

Meaning: The shoujo manga manga in live action form, with pretty boys galore.
Verdict: This is on TokyoMX meaning it’s going to be kinda cheap and loltastic but, you know, this is for you just incase you liked the manga/like looking at unknown pretty boys, since there’s no other big ~ikemen paradise~ show this season.

So aside from the ones I’m very enthusiastic about, the rest seems rather mediocre for a summer season – but who knows! In my opinion summer season always has the most dramas that turn out to be surprisingly engaging, so once everythig airs I might find a new second-favorite – after Code Blue, of course. (FUJI TV should give me a pat on the back for all the Code Blue love I’m giving, seriously. :))


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Looking forward to Maou and Code Blue. Though I have a feeling that Code Blue won’t be as successful as I’d want it to be. I guess we’ll see.

Comment by Shino

Maou and Monster Parent are both pretty good. Hospital drama like Code Blue and Tomorrow are so yesterday. There’s been too many medical shows around the globe.

Comment by raison

KAGERO! I wish there were subtitles for this drama

Comment by yuki

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