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Spring 2009 Drama Preview
March 31, 2009, 4:58 pm
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Made it in time for April 1st! 😀 Winter season was good, here’s hoping the momentum carries on this season.

So my “recommendations” for watchable dramas has sucked consistently – but just look, one of these days I’ll correctly predict the good dramas. For the new shows this season, I’ll be keeping an eye out on Atashinchi no Danshi, Quiz Show, and Meitantei no Okite.


Meaning: A six-member squad resolve cases humanely.
Verdict: Your parents’ mystery drama of choice.


Meaning: A salaryman looks for love in the form of hottie Ueto Aya.
Verdict: Nakai playing a salaryman is, strangely, quite fitting. Drama seems to be going for quirkiness, as well as an awesome female cast (Shaku Yumiko and Ryo, together? Too much fierceness.) Also going to be the drama KAT-TUN fangirls salivate over, for Ueda.

Atashinchi no Danshi

Meaning: Poor girl marries rich guy to pay off debt; hijinks ensue.
Verdict: Horikita Maki and Kaname Jun are the mains and they are both brilliant in comedies. Also, written by the person who brought you Hana Kimi and Densha Otoko – I have high hopes for this!

Shiroi Haru

Meaning: Father (Abe Hiroshi) gets out of jail, meets as of yet unknown daughter (played by REALLY CUTE NOZOMI aka the Ponyo girl).
Verdict: Probably will be very touching, as the obasans of the world unite to watch this. (Also, does it make me a bad person that “white spring” makes me think more “Lolita” than touching family reunion…)


Meaning: Mysteries solved by a guy with a keen eye (aka he will solve everything).
Verdict: I hope his keen eye requires this to have CSI-style dead body investigation, because otherwise it looks ordinary.


Meaning: Little kid kills another kid, families angst it out.
Verdict: …families angsting it out for a whole season, no thanks.

Hyoryu Net Cafe

Meaning: A sci-fi universe opens in a net cafe.
Verdict: The idea is cool but it’s a late night drama… if they can pull off effects, this has promise.

Ghost Friends

Meaning: Living girl falls in love with dead ghost boy.
Verdict: Either she will die to join him or he will stay dead and she moves on – and this is Japan, not Korea, so it’s obviously going to be the latter. Great for people who don’t want to see love relationships go anywhere in twelve episodes!

Yako no Kaidan

Meaning: Fujiki Naohito plays a beautician who is two-faced and encaptures women with his skillz.
Verdict: Fujiki Naohito: making beauticians women’s lovers, not gay bffs, since 2009.


Meaning: Quirky detectives solve strange crimes under their boss lady.
Verdict: Focus more on the crimes and less on the love life of the main boss and I could be in for it, since I totally adore Toda Erika.


Meaning: People do weird things with love for money.
Verdict: Plot could be so-so. But here’s two words why you should watch this: Shaku Yumiko. Or “Sexy Chick.” Both mean the same anyways.

Konkatsu Rikatsu

Meaning: Marriage and divorce and love blah blah


Meaning: Two people stay positive despite one being an orphaned half Filipino and the other mute.
Verdict: Matsujun and Gakki? Hell yeah, who cares about plot. But really, why does it matter if Matsujun is half Filipino.

Meitantei no Okite

Meaning: A mystery drama that mocks mystery dramas.
Verdict: I’m strangely reminded of 33 pun Tantei… and that’s a good thing! Could be really funny.

Godhand Teru

Meaning: Newbie saves patients in a hospital.
Verdict: Who needs medschool when you’ve got GODHANDS!!!

The Quiz Show 2

Meaning: Remake of the awesome late night drama with bigger names.
Verdict: The lovely plus of Sakurai Sho (Or if you’d rather, Yokoyama Yu, for those Kanjani8 fans.) Original plot was pretty good, so if they spruce it up for prime time, it could be amazing.

Harukana Kizuna

Meaning: Chinese and Japanese actors together, act out a love story.
Verdict: This seems like a good effort to give a chance to Chinese actors – OH WAIT, THIS IS AN NHK DRAMA. Whoops your chances to make it legitimately in Japan ended before it even started.

Kaze ni Maiagaru Vinyl Sheet

Meaning: Woman is devastated when her American ex-husband dies. Americans come to investigate.
Verdict: Hey, this sounds like the previous drama, except in an effort to integrate American actors – hey, what do you know, NHK AGAIN.

Kaette Kosaserareta 33pun Tantei

Meaning: Second season of the awesome 33 Pun Tantei.
Verdict: Season one was BRILLIANT. Watch this, and season one. Seriously, just do it, you’ll thank me for it.

Majo Saiban

Meaning: 12 Angry Men, minus the old crochety old men and plus Toma. And bribery. And shady stuff like that.
Verdict: If you’re going to name your drama “Witch Hunt” you better have the woman on trial be there for satanic mass murders instead of like… assault or something weak like that.

Ikemen Sobaya Tantei

Meaning: Good looking guy, inevitably more puns including soba, and quirky mysteries.
Verdict: Fujiki Naohito: Making beauticians and soba noodles look sexy since 2009.

Soratobu Taiya

Meaning: Guy will try to unveil evil corporation.
Verdict: I’m sure there are people out there who enjoy corporate and law dramas… yeah.

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awesome!! thnx for the info ^^ amusing to read
i’m pretty much interested in:
Atashinchi no Danshi (sounds hilarious, plus i’m a big fan of Horikita Maki sooooo….what else is there?)
Maybe BOSS? (same reason, I love Erika Toda)
Love Game (seems interesting)
Smile (do i even need to say?)
The Quiz Show (ONE AND TWO)
33pun Tantei (since i hear it’s good ^^)
and Majo Saiban (do you know if it has anything to do with the play, 12 Angry Men by Reginald Rose? Because the title is the same and concept is similar)

boy, somebody’s prejudiced towards NHK -.^
don’t worry, nobody blames you ^^

anyway, it was a great read and now i know how many good (and bad) doramas are coming up this year ^^

Comment by funky-obsessed

what about subaru!

Comment by JENNN

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