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Spring Season Drama Preview

Happy April! Happy Spring! (although not happy April Fools… it’s kind of a terrible excuse for a holiday.) This month, spring season dramas will be starting. Watching most of the dramas last season was kind of painful so I don’t think I’ll attempt it again 😦 Still, I thought it’d be nice to give an overview. Tokyograph always has a terrific synopsis of everything this season. I thought I’d look through everything and give my two cents. 🙂

My own personal recs? If there’s three I’m actually probably going to follow it’d be Last Friends, Hokaben, and Kimi Hannin Janai yo ne.

And onto the dramas:


Meaning: Kimutaku will do heartwarming things and become prime minister while being smoking hot.
Verdict: So he’s going to be prime minister now and have Madonna singing his theme song? Oic. This drama’s ratings are going to go through the roof. I might watch it… but if I don’t, call me back in two seasons when he’s going to play god.
(Edit: This is postponed to May… probably because of bad planning, as they haven’t even finished shooting more than two episodes at this moment.)

Zettai Kareshi

Meaning: Shoujo manga turned drama; basically a girl has a dude and a cyborg in love with her at the same time.
Verdict:Eh. I greatly disliked the manga (I thought it was annoying and frustrating), but all comes down to whether or not you like Watase Yuu’s plots. Some people love her stories, some people can’t stand her.

Muri na Renai

Meaning: A story of a guy’s mid-life crisis.
Verdict: He’ll probably find youth and stuff along with love. Not really my thing to watch. The banner sure is cute though.


Meaning: Yet another cooking drama but with cute Aoi Yu.
Verdict: Probably not up for it – although the highlight of food and culture sounds possibly interesting if they can pull it off in a non-preachy manner.


Meaning: Ueto Aya cosplaying as an earnest lawyer and pleasing fanboys.
Verdict: If you like Ueto Aya’s brand of genuinely enthusiastic characters, you’ll probably like it; otherwise, no. But Kato Shigeaki of NEWS also stars so I’m in to see him dress like a lawyer, ohyes.

Shin Kasouken no Onna

Meaning: Fourth season of that detective sciency thing.
Verdict: You know what to expect. The series as a whole doesn’t seem like it’s that exciting though.


Meaning: Baseball drama
Verdict: typical Baseball drama. Has a bunch of Johnny’s Jrs, if you’re into those young boys.

Shichinin no Onna Bengoshi 2

Meaning: The same lawyer show, season 2.
Verdict: Softcore lawyer shows aren’t really my thing. But Shaku Yumiko is hot. Dilemma.

Last Friends

Meaning: Sad human relations. If you watch you will cry.
Verdict: Sad human relations. Hikki singing the theme song. Plus, Nishikido Ryo from NEWS is going to be a wifebeater in here? I’m in. I need to stock up on tissues because I am probably going to bawl.


Meaning: Another detective drama set in school, but with Satomi Ishihara leading.
Verdict: It’ll all depend on if they have hardcore crimes (murder!) or if it’s some watered down crimes (stolen money from the class, ohnoes!) so we’ll see.

Around 40

Meaning: Older woman finds love in younger man.
Verdict: Sounds kind of boring, really. What’s up with all the mid-life crises this season?

Kimi Hannin Janai yo ne?

Meaning: Love and mystery and hilarity- at the same time.
Verdict: It sounds like fun – the detective has a problem of falling in love with his suspects. Definitely interested.


Meaning: GTO + baseball.
Verdict: …why are baseball playing delinquents naked these days?

Gokusen 3

Meaning: Same old plot, a whole new round of young pretty boys to be the students.
Verdict: How much can they milk out of this franchise before it dies? I thought Gokusen 2 already sucked in comparison to Gokusen 1. I don’t want to watch this; but Miura Haruma (14 Sai no Haha, Koizora, Binbo Danshi) is going to star in it and I am minorly obsessed with him, so what a dilemma for me.

Top Sales

Meaning: Female empowerment story about a woman who becomes a car salesperson!
Verdict: …somehow, it doesn’t feel like this will be pulled off in a fun way.

81 Diver

Meaning: Shogi (Japanese chess-like game) drama.
Verdict: It’s based on a manga, so probably more about funny antics than shogi. Still, it centers around shogi. Would you watch a drama about chess even if it’s supposed to feature a maid? …well, maybe, if you like maids.


Meaning: Heartwarming family affair of a young girl who has to take care of kids.
Verdict: …this sounds sappy but I’m kind of intrigued by it.

Ryokiteki na Kanojo

Meaning: My Sassy Girl, except swap the young Koreans with older Japanese people.
Verdict: My Sassy Girl was a good romance – so if you haven’t watched it yet and like cute romance dramas, why not?


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As to the maid in 81 diver, you can see the photo of her in Fuji TV’s publicity page at

Comment by takodori

[…] Spring Season Drama Preview […]

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The only things that look interesting are Last Friends and Sassy Girl.

Comment by krln

Looking forward to Last Friends. I’m not really sure about any of the others, though Rookie seems interesting, love GTO.

Comment by Shino

Hmm… So, which of these shows is this year’s equivalence of last year’s Proposal Daisakusen, in terms of ratings that is.

Comment by bakaneko

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