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Fly to High was created January 2008. The name fly to high comes from “Kibou~Yell~” by NEWS.  The initial aim of the blog was to serve as a opinion outlet for Japanese entertainment blog with no exact focus. With time, this blog has shown itself to focus on mainly pop music, dramas, and Johnny’s idols.

The version01 layout (1/10/08-1/10/09) featured Otsuka Ai from her Kimi Iro Omoi photobook.

The current layout features Perfume from their Perfume Portfolio photobook.


I’m oroitsme, Japanese pop culture admirer. Along with this blog, I am also an author of the awesome channel-ai community blog.

If you have questions, want to swap links, or have suggestions, leave a comment or email me at raspberrypi[at]

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Hi oroitsme! I stumbled upon your blog. You have an awesome site. I was wondering if I could be an affiliate of yours. I just started a community site for people interested in Asian music, movies, dramas, and what not. If you are so kind as to add me, here is the link to my site banner:

I’d really appreciate it! Wish you and your blog the best!


Comment by hanlife

this is one impressive blog!! There’s so much here!!! I was hoping that we could exchange links. My blogs try to provide in-depth looks at J-Pop [as well as other stuff like the occasional J-drama or K-Pop release]. What do you say? 🙂

Thanks for the consideration 🙂

Comment by amaiyume

Link exchange, I’ve already added you!

Comment by JJ

Hi! I hope you don’t mind exchanging links! (My co-blogger and I both enjoy listening to JE, too!)

Comment by akasatana

Hi! I really like your blog! I just started a blog about Japanese pop culture! Mind exchanging links?

Comment by sushiseaweed

Hi! Just browsing around and already, I like your site and would like to partners and whatnot. lol.

Comment by Uvie Baby

But nonetheless, we will never stop. ,

Comment by Roy82

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