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JE Debut Songs Ranking

I think Johnny’s always have the best debut songs and everyone else needs to take a note with their new artists. A Johnny’s group’s discography might not always be good as a whole, but their debut songs are generally epic – cheesy, exciting, infective, which, when all put together, mean totally awesome.Unlike many other artists, who try to gain momentum with their later releases, JE debut songs always have a strong impact and often stay as one of the group’s most popular songs throughout their career.

Here’s a ranking of the best 10!… or, since I’m only considering the still active groups (aka nothing BS: Before SMAP) the best and worst. (…what, my title isn’t that deceiving.)

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Johnny’s Countdown 08-09 Recap

Because this is the new years countdown I really care about. 😀

Arashi were the hosts again this year, and the Tokyo Dome stage used NEWS’ layout since they had dome concerts at the same time. Different was this this year the broadcast was split – KinKi Kids were broadcast from Osaka Dome, and Tackey and Kazukiyo Nishikiori (of Shounentai) were broadcast from the stage of the upcoming Tackey stage show.

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JE Still Owning the Oricon

So the Oricon half year charts are finally out. Out of the top 100 singles, the Johnny’s releases are:

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Domoto Tsuyoshi as 244 ENDLI-x
April 6, 2008, 5:18 pm
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Domoto Tsuyoshi is half of the prolific Johnny’s duo KinKi Kids. On his own, he has released music under both his real name and ENDLICHERI☆ENDLICHERI. In his newest solo project, releasing the single Kurikaesu Haru and album I AND Ai last week on April 2, he now uses the name 244-ENDLI-x (a play on words – it’s supposed to sound like Tsuyoshi Endlich, a mix of his real and stage names).

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