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Johnny’s Countdown 08-09 Recap

Because this is the new years countdown I really care about. ๐Ÿ˜€

Arashi were the hosts again this year, and the Tokyo Dome stage used NEWS’ layout since they had dome concerts at the same time. Different was this this year the broadcast was split – KinKi Kids were broadcast from Osaka Dome, and Tackey and Kazukiyo Nishikiori (of Shounentai) were broadcast from the stage of the upcoming Tackey stage show.

The full setlist of songs performed was this:

Step and Go – Arashi
Taiyou no Namida – NEWS
Summer Time – NEWS
Happy Birthday – NEWS
Wahaha – Kanjani8
Musekinin Hero – Kanjani8
Mayonaka no Shadow Boy – Hey!Say!JUMP
One Love – Arashi
Happy Happy Greeting – KinKi Kids + all
Garasu no Shounen – KinKi Kids + all
Aisareru Yori Aishitai – KinKi Kids
Yakusoku – KinKi Kids
DAYBREAK (Otokogumi) – Uchi Hiroki
Aoi Inazuma (SMAP) – Uchi Hiroki
A.RA.SHI – Arashi
Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi – Arashi
Sakura Sake – Arashi
Love so Sweet – Arashi + all
Happiness – Arashi + all
truth – Arashi
Beautiful days – Arashi
Mezamero! Yasei (Matchy with QUESTION?) – Imai Tsubasa
Made in Japan – V6 + all
Sorafune – TOKIO
Amagasa – TOKIO
Ai Kakumei – Takizawa Hideaki
Daite Senorita – Yamapi + all
Sushi Kuine (Shibugakitai) – all
Kamen Budoukai (Shounentai) – Tackey + Kazukiyo Nishikiori
Real Face (KAT-TUN) – all
weeeek (NEWS) – all
Sukiyanen Osaka (Kanjani8) – all
Seishun Amigo – Shuji to Akira + all
Ai Nanda (V6) – all
Midnight Shuffle (Masahiko Kondo) – all
Hatsuta – all

All indicates one of those huge everyone-join-in singfests.

I always love Countdown – seeing all the Johnny’s groups together being total dorks is something that only happens at Countdown now. Also, it’s just pure energy – they’re mostly lipsyncing but you can hear some real vocals too, there’s so many people the sound people always mess up and mute or amplify the wrong mikes so sometimes you hear some really offtune parts, everyone is jumping around and hugging or mauling their friends from other groups – just pure fun.

Overall, this year was pretty good – which doesn’t really say much because I always think it’s pretty good. I don’t like having everyone be split up though – no Tackey + everyone else love! – so I’m hoping everyone reconvenes at Tokyo Dome next year. I think the show is lacking a bit in more intergroup songs, but it’s understandable since Arashi sang a lot by themselves for their anniversary.

So definitely notable this year was the Arashi 10-year anniversary. It’s pretty awesome to be in the business for 10 years and have that year be the biggest year in your entire career. Arashi is arguably the hottest thing in Japan right now, and it’s great to see them get the loudest screams (fangirls went crazy when truth came on). Arashi also did a good job hosting this year – not as loud and nervous as last year.

I am sad at the lack of camera time for my favorites though – throughout the whole show I only saw fleeting glimpses of my beloved NEWS members. ):

So props for Tackey for being so cheery even when he’s in an empty auditorium. Also, look at the Dome stage! Hooray to NEWS for being the ones to host the dome over the new years.

Of course, you can’t do countdown without some celebration of Koichi’s birthday (January 1st.) While there’s no Nagase mauling Koichi this year, Tsuyoshi gives us a nice photo of young dorky Koichi.

Uchi Hiroki gets stage time without NEWS or Kanjani8 – indication of his career direction, I guess? Also, epic Arashi medley – when you can trump all your young and shiny peers and get the loudest cheers singing your old songs while wearing shiny gold sequined outfits – you’ve made it.

Speaking of epic, Tsubasa contributes with his epically ugly hair.

V6 still are perkier than their younger kouhai. Also, TOKIO still rocks – Subaru and Jin, two of the company’s best singers, sang the intro to “Sorafune” and couldn’t hold a candle to Nagase.

Tackey shows us how epically dramatic “Ai Kakumei” is. As if the emo spoken word at the beginning wasn’t enough, he also throws in jets of water and flying and a thousand gaudy fluffy juniors.

Yamapi and Jin slap each others’ butts during “Daite Senorita.” This is true friendship.

In order to get over child labor laws that don’t let the underaged members of Hey!Say!JUMP perform after midnight or something, they just show them on camera. As audience. Don’t worry, it’s only another five years before all the jailbait can appear on stage! …it’s going to be sad when everyone gets old and only one or two of them still get stuck offstage.

It is confirmed that everyone sucks at dancing “Seishun Amigo.” Okada and Nagase are terrible, Nino is pretty bad, and Ryo still sucks even though he did this at last year’s Countdown too. Even Yamapi and Kame are pretty lackluster at it, but Yamapi is forgiven because he looks really good. Hah. Also, in an odd decision, everyone sings “Midnight Shuffle,” not a happy or danceable song, while all squeezed on a rotating idol cake stand.

2009 is the year of the ox. Four people fit into this cycle – Yamapi, Koki and Taguchi from KAT-TUN, and Ohkura from Kanjani8. Cow = “ushi,” four = “shi”, so management decides to name them the “Ushishi4.” The next day, Yamapi complained during the NEWS concert about how stupid this name is, and I agree.

Matsujun is manhandled by TOKIO. Just goes to show you can be the most popular member in the most popular group and Nagase will still grope you mercilessly on national television.

And just some more caps filled with good looking boys to round out this recap. ๐Ÿ™‚

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where’s SMAP?just curious…

Comment by arisa

SMAP traditionally do not appear at Johnny’s Countdown.

Comment by oroitsme

does anyone know why SMAP doesn’t appear? I can’t find a straight answer anywhere??

Comment by Ruby

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