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JE Debut Songs Ranking

I think Johnny’s always have the best debut songs and everyone else needs to take a note with their new artists. A Johnny’s group’s discography might not always be good as a whole, but their debut songs are generally epic – cheesy, exciting, infective, which, when all put together, mean totally awesome.Unlike many other artists, who try to gain momentum with their later releases, JE debut songs always have a strong impact and often stay as one of the group’s most popular songs throughout their career.

Here’s a ranking of the best 10!… or, since I’m only considering the still active groups (aka nothing BS: Before SMAP) the best and worst. (…what, my title isn’t that deceiving.)

10. SMAP – Can’t Stop!! -LOVING-

By putting SMAP in last place, I know I’m coming off as a total SMAP hater (I’m not really, honest) – but even the biggest SMAP fans can’t help but admit the group’s early musical releases aren’t exactly… good. Debut songs are supposed to be embarrassing and overdone in Johnny’s universe, but the song is such terrible bubblegum idol pop that it’s no wonder they didn’t get popular when they first debuted, and no wonder the group doesn’t sing this song EVER.
Can’t Stop!! -LOVING’- Live

9. V6 – Music for the People

Firstly, isn’t it odd when the song comes out around when half the members had barely broken voices, but still sound deeper and huskier than they do ten years later? Hard techno, deep voices – the song is actually really catchy, but sounds much better when they sing it years later without all the seriousness – yeah, V6 sounding really serious while singing a ridiculous song is probably what puts it in this spot. (This is where every song on the list becomes good, and the rankings are, to be honest, pretty arbitrary.)
Music for the People PV || Music for the People live, 2006

8. Tackey & Tsubasa – True Heart

Okay, so technically this was on a debut album – but let’s not be technical, okay? The song should otherwise be a bad song – cheesy lyrics, boring instrumentals, mediocre vocals – but the simple tune wedges into your head in your head, and before you know it, you’re singing along to “I feeeel… I dooo” in all of this debut song’s melodramatic glory.
True Heart PV || True Heart live at Hatachi concert (hilarious!)

7. Hey!Say!JUMP – Ultra Music Power

“Ultra Music Power” is catchy, catchy, catchy. I know, some of you aren’t fans of this group because it’s like watching a group of middle school (primary, if you stare too long at Morimoto or Chinen) boys try to be sexy, but it’s just hard to not sing along. Musically, it’s somewhat standard, and the longevity of this song might be limited by how long Chinen can keep his voice from breaking, but this is just catchy to death.
Ultra Music Power PV || Ultra Music Power live

6. Kanjani8 – Naniwa Iroha Bushi

I wouldn’t say “Naniwa Iroha Bushi” is a song most people listen to often anymore unless they’re big Kanjani8 fans, but there’s no way you could get this out of your head when you first hear it. The mix of semi-rap parts and enka (both good (from Subaru) and bad (from everyone else, sadly)) so unique and unforgettable.
Naniwa Iroha Bushi PV || Naniwa Iroha Bushi rock version live

5. NEWS – NEWS Nippon

The song had fast paced pop portions, ballad portions, and rap portions – it’s like they tried to fit every genre into this song. Actually, each portion is charming and catchy in its own way, but the pop chorus is what sticks with you for days. You’ll never forget their name (I am 100% in support of sneakily placing your group name into the song MULTIPLE times) and never forget the chorus either.
NEWS Nippon PV || NEWS Nippon live 2004 || NEWS Nippon live, 2007

4. KinKi Kids – Garasu no Shounen

Put together two boys with the same last name, have them sing about glass boys (yeah, everyone first snickers at the song title) in a catchy tune against a really dramatic backing track – and you’ve got a hit that no one forgets. Even as KinKi Kids become KinKi Men, this is still one of their title songs that represents the duo – which says something about its awesome staying power.
Garasu no Shounen PV || Garasu no Shounen live, 1997 || Garasu no Shounen live, 2007

3. Real Face – KAT-TUN

It’s not often you debut with a catchy single that sells a million plus copies. That’s “Real Face” for you. No matter how much good singing, rock, tough rapping, beat-boxing, or obscene sound effects KAT-TUN tries to throw in the future, nothing can exceed this song because it has all of the aforementioned and does each aspect to perfection. Not only does the song have terrific composition and production, it’s iconic and established KAT-TUN as Japan’s hip-thrusting, tough-looking slutty idols wth just one song.
Real Face PV || Real Face live

2. TOKIO – Love You Only

“Love You Only” is an amazingly sweet and fun song and, quite honestly, is one of the best songs the group has ever had. TOKIO obviously agrees with me, because they even re-recorded this song in their more modern rock style at their tenth anniversary. Aside from the normal cheese factors of being a Johnny’s song and singing about love as if the entire group were middle schoolers, the song is actually pretty good just as a song. Plus, who can forget the short-shorts Nagase wore that are almost synonymous with this song? Whether it’s because you love Nagase’s legs or is just traumatised by them, the answer would be no one.
Love You Only live, 1994 || Love You Only PV || Love You Only, 2004 ver PV

1. Arashi – A.RA.SHI

It’s one thing to have your fans love your debut song ten years after your debut – it’s another to have everyone still love this song everywhere. “A.RA.SHI” is catchy, employs rap, ballad, and tempo changes, and name drops the group the most out of any debut song on here. You know it’s a good song when it’s still performed on national television even a decade after its debut and, not only does it manage to not sound too dated, people still love it despite your popular image and sound being completely different now. Ten years later, people can still associate the “arashi, arashi for dream” dance motion with the song. Now that’s a debut song done right!
A.RA.SHI PV || A.RA.SHI live, 1999 || A.RA.SHI live, 2008

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I thought dbsk being there among them was a great feat within itself too! to compete against johnnys and land in the top 3. You are soo right some of the songs later on from these groups are umm…. weird lol

Comment by leia

DBSK being top three among whom for what? I’m not really following ^^;

Comment by oroitsme

tohoshinki in the original list was top three ranked behind both je gruops kat tun and arashi thats pretty huge. you should post that here too!

Comment by LEIA

XD I’m pretty sure she’s referring to a recently-aired CDTV ranking of “Top debut songs you want to hear again”

Off the top of my head:

20. L’Arc~en~Ciel: Blurry eyes
17. Kanjani8: Naniwa Iroha Bushi
14. KinKi Kids: Garasu no Shounen
10. YUI: feel my soul
7. w-inds.: Forever Memories
6. NEWS: Kibou ~Yell~ (the official debut song)
5. Hamasaki Ayumi: Poker face
3. Tohoshinki: Stay With Me Tonight

PORNO GRAFFITTI, Janne da Arc, Remiororen, and Hikawa Kiyoshi were also somewhere on that list.

I sort of want to switch KinKi and KAT-TUN on my mental version of your list, but I’m also pretty certain that has more to do with personal bias towards the members of the group themselves. By song alone, though, NEWS NIPPON would be far lower, because that song quite honestly annoys me to pieces.

Comment by Kimitsu

Oh man that TOKIO video is so, so priceless. The shorts, oh my heavens, the shorts.

On a more serious note, though, I like that they actually perform their own music. Being pretty ain’t that hard, but being pretty and being able to play instruments? I think that’s great. Why don’t they do that anymore?

Comment by jubilantia

hell yaaaa gotta agree that arashi’s debut song was DOPEST

Comment by seri

Oh my god, you’re so right. Can’t stop reading your blog. 😉 KAT-TUN’s debut song was really from a great songwriter. I once saw a video with him and KAT-TUN. It’s great to see the REAL artists once in a while on stage. ^^ I for myself, I’m a fan of the real artst, the one who’s playing the instrument, writing and composing the song – like Yoshiki from X Japan. In my eyes, he was a real musician artist

Comment by Pu Bea

This is a kickass list and I totally agree with Arashi!

Comment by Gnilp

hhhmm… i must say that ARASHI’s song annoys me to no end, but it is catchy though. KAT-TUN’s Real Face, however, is an amazing piece of art (with hip thrusting, god, the hip thrusting O.o)That’s what got me into them *thinks they should be number 1*. Apparently JE paid a famous as guy a giant wad of money to compose it so that every part of the song sticks with you – I mean, if both choruses are different you know someone tried really hard to write it LOL

Comment by Melly

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