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Kuroki Meisa is a hellcat
February 20, 2009, 6:28 pm
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Kuroki Meisa is making a physical debut with her album “hellcat“, to be released April 8th. Her previously digital-only single “Like This” will be on it, as well as her new song “Bad Girl” which is used as an insert in the upcoming Crows ZERO II movie. (Why a song about a bad girl is used in a movie where there seemingly are no girls is a question, but let’s ignore that for now…)

I know a lot of people are against the j-pop method of having anyone and everyone famous release music; I’m one of those too. But I’m actually pleasantly surprised at how easily and naturally I took to liking Kuroki Meisa’s first release I loved “Like This“, and was disappointed that her singing career seemed to be a one-song-only deal. But now…

Watch it – you just might be wowed. Despite pulling off some Koda Kumi-level slutty dance moves (the red lingerie scenes felt more like softcore porn than just a “sensual dance”) she manages to look more sultry than crude for most of the video. The black and white triple-image scenes are pretty awesome to watch. Music-wise, she’s definitely embracing Amuro Namie-esque dance tunes as her genre of choice – and she sure picked up some good producers, because the track itself is slamming. Her voice, although obviously altered at parts, sounds a lot better than it did in “Like This” – although whether that’s from her own skills or from clever vocoding is still debatable.

It’s so early that the tracklisting and album covers haven’t yet been released – but with an album name like “hellcat”, I think we can be pretty certain there will be quite a handful of aggressive and sexy tracks included. There will also be at least one other pv recorded for the DVD version of the album. Kuroki Meisa has yet to perform live, which leaves her actual dancing and singing skills to be undetermined, but she has a promising music career in front of her as long as she keeps her current producers and songwriters.

For those in Japan, “Bad Girl” is available for download via cell phone chaku-uta. For the rest of us, if you’re like me at least, you’ll be sitting in anticipation to see what else will be on this album.


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