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Kuroki Meisa – Like This
June 25, 2008, 3:50 pm
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Rising actress Kuroki Meisa is the CM girl for Sportio cell phones, and is also debuting as a singer by releasing her debut song “Like This” for the CM. The song and video are only available on digital download.

Kuroki Meisa is drop dead gorgeous, but she’s always struck me as being just a mediocre actress. Meisa fans, don’t flame me yet – I don’t follow her extensively, but from what I’ve seen of her acting and promotional work, she seems like the pretty girl with little presence.  Her expressions often look the same, and she always seems kind of aloof and too cool to be relatable.

But a musical career really uses her cool aloofness and displays it as its best. “Like This” is a hot R&B dance song; though its hard to judge through the song how well Meisa can actually sing, it does suit her with the cool sound it has. Mostly, I’m really liking the composition – from the opening the song and Meisa are aggressive and slick.

Check out her Sportio ad – I think it’s even more fierce than the PV.

I’m always have mixed feelings on actresses and models going into singing – even though they often put out catchy songs, they just can’t sing. (Read: Leah Dizon’s terrible live singing.) Whether Meisa can sing and dance her worth is still up in the air, but at the very least she’s got an extremely catchy, extremely well produced debut song.


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wow, meisa is pretty!

i heart leah dizon, and i guess it’s because i haven’t seen/heard a live performance. haha. 😀

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