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Johnny’s Calendars for 09-10
February 25, 2009, 3:33 am
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It’s that time of year again! For those who are new to this: Johnny’s releases calendars for their artists every year, but according to the school year: that is, from April of this year to March of the next. All calendars are around 2000 yen and go on sale late February or early March. (Only Arashi and groups that debuted afterwards have calendars – so for big fans of V6, Kinki, or SMAP, sorry.)

You can watch the news clip to see everything, but if you are lazy/your internet is slow/youtube takes down the file, I’ve summarized everything below with available online purchase links. (Remember: Yesasia jacks up the prices, but calendar shipping is pricy – around $20USD to get to North America. Play around with it to see which is cheapest for you.)

Arashi: A thick 125-page planner-calendar plus a large 7-page poster wall calendar filled with gorgeous, sexy member photos shot by Mika Ninagawa. Oh, and holographic stickers as an extra.

Tackey & Tsubasa: A 32 page wall-calendar plus an extra Love Q&A book, which is kind of like a text-y photobook.

NEWS: A pink binder that can have pages removed to fold out into strip calendars – with about 3 standard paper sheets’ of a photo folding out under a calendar. Also comes with a large poster.

Kanjani8: A school planner-calendar, plus some extra hot-spring themed member-special goodies and postcard, since the photos were taken at a hot spring.

KAT-TUN: A weekly frame calendar: has a CD-sized frame that you change a weekly photo+calendar into. Everything comes in a nice box case.

Hey!Say!JUMP: A 15-page desk calendar, the kind on a cardboard stand that you flip. Also comes with a “secret card” set, which you can take as a set of nice photo postcards.

Johnny’s Jr: A huuuuge wall poster-sized calendar.

If you have no strong bias for a Johnny’s group but want a Johnny’s school calendar, I would reccommend you to GET THE ARASHI ONE. They’re one of the most popular groups in Japan right now and it’s their ten year anniversary – when else is JE going to spend this much effort designing a calendar again? The calendars are generally pretty nice this year but Arashi really just outdoes it, and if anything, that wall-poster (see right) is well worth it.

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hiiiii πŸ˜€
i just got a question, are these available to buy in japan .. like in stores?

Comment by fatimaa

[…] Johnny’s Calenders for 09-10 […]

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@fatimaa: Yes, they should be available in bookstores and official Johnny’s goods stores.

Comment by oroitsme

will yesasia include those extras like that arashi poster?
since it’ll be $30 extra at cdjapan since they only have ems for some reason.
cdjapan’s ems is $60AU : |
yesasia = free shipping!

Comment by michael

@michael: I believe that all the calendars come in a pre-packaged box that contains all of their extras – so yes, extras should be included for every calendar. If you want to be completely sure for the Arashi one, contact Yesasia, they usually give a quick response to questions.

Comment by oroitsme

UWAH! lmfao. im going crazy i srsly cant choose between NewS, K8, KAT-TUN, & ARASHI! I know i should get Arashi’s but on there was bout 20 reviews on BAD! Since its their 10th anniversary i should … )= NewS looks promising but their photos dont looks “fun”; tho KAT-TUN & K8 does! πŸ˜€ SHYT I CANT PICK! srry 4 spamming but i wanna get my $$ worth since its like $50 ^^” umm… ne help? *pathetic smile* ^_^

Comment by Skye

@Skye: I personally bought the Arashi one and I really like having both a planner and a wall calendar. The K8 one has fun photos, the KAT-TUN one has a cool set-up, while NEWS’ would look better if you want something large to display on your wall. If you like the boys featured, you’ll inevitably like the calendar no matter which format it is.

Comment by oroitsme

Hi! Sorry to sound stalkerish but I stumbled upon your site from a google search for Johnny’s calendars. ^^;;

I was actually looking for reviews on all the other calendars saved for Eito’s and Arashi’s since I have both of those. Your entry here was very informative and I only wish that I have seen this earlier. πŸ™‚

As owner of both Arashi’s & Kanjani8’s 2009-2010 calendars, I must say that while Arashi’s package was good, the calendar itself wasn’t too stellar. I would have thought it’d be better considering their 10th anniversary. However, I did greatly enjoy the bonus photo book, VERY lovely if I may say so. As for Eito’s calendar, the package in its entirety was ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! So lovely it was that I opened it, carefully glanced through the items, and immediately packed it back up just because I wanted to keep it perfectly new (ironic, isn’t it? XD)

However, after reading your post, I’m contemplating on ordering between NEWS & KAT-TUN’s calendars next. More like “the box set” vs “the large poster and binder”. πŸ˜€

Anyway, thank you so much for all the information you’ve listed above!

Comment by Joanna Kuang

@oroitsme: LOL VERY HELPFUL! I love em all & i still cant choose xDD But i think im getting Arashi’s School Calendar cuz i heard tht after 10th yr JE dont release em nemore! Mmhm thts y TOKIO, KinkiKids & the other dont have 1 ); Since i mite not be able 2 get Arashi next yr, i will get it this yr ^_^ Arigato Gozaimasu~

Comment by Skye

@Joanna Kuang: Ahh rite wen i decide 2 get Arashi’s Calendar i read ur post! xDD Also heard tht their calendar didnt meet high expectations 😦 But a bonus photo book sounds cool, hope im getting my $$ wrth *crosses fingers* THANKS 4 THE MORE INFO <3<3 (rofl K8 always seems 2 surprise me, no wonder the packaging was awesome 4 their calendar ;3)

Comment by Skye

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