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She’s Actually Pretty Awesome
June 15, 2009, 3:02 pm
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Leah Dizon really gets no respect. Sure, we’ve all loved a song or two of hers now and then, but no one has real respect for her as an artist – some even downright despise her. I’ve been pretty ambivalent towards her the whole time: she can’t sing and her kouhaku failure was hilarious, but she does get great producers sometimes – either way, I don’t care for her too much. A thought actually hit me like randomly a few days ago: love her or (more commonly seen) hate her, I think you do have to admit that Leah Dizon is actually kind of a cool girl.

1. She’s really damn motivated.

Yeah, she’s not a classy runway model, she can’t sing or dance well, and she acts like a ten year while at the same time flashing her body around, but if you think about it, she’s achieved a lot on her own accord:

Successful modeling career: check.
Successful music career: check.
Successful television career: check.
Being adored byfanboys: check.
Being a major (possibly unforgettable) celebrity: check.
Snagging a hot Japanese man: check.
Having an adorable baby: check.

Yes, she only got her record deal because she’s a beautiful and is shamelessly willing to show her body in almost no clothing, but she did apply for a record deal, move to Japan, and learn the language on her own accord.

2. She’s partly a dorky fan of Asian music, just like us.

If you know or know of Asian girls who do import modeling, you’ll know what kind of stereotype they seem to be like: skimpily dressed, pancake-heavy makeup, hanging over equally tool-ish guys as they booze it up over bad hip-hop blasting from their overly-modded cars.

Leah Dizon is probably no different in the makeup and partying and the taste in guys, except she goes home and listens to Utada Hikaru and Kanjani8 and such. This is not Japanese music related, but honestly, anyone who declares their favorite artist as Jay Chou while also listening to Japanese pop is pretty chill in my book.

3. She’s not really taking it that seriously!

I don’t think any of us though Leah Dizon’s career was going to last long – and I don’t think she did either. A lot of you know you’d like to spend some time in your life living in Japan, meeting all the Japanese celebrities and becoming a celebrity yourself – but can you visualize yourself living in Japan forever, stuck in the vicious and fast-revolving industry trying to remain relevant? Leah went in with a bang, had her fame and fun for a few years, wrote her songs and had her performances, and then seemed to willingly drop out of Japanese entertainment. Maybe one day she’ll feel like doing something else, or she’ll stay out of the spotlight and just tell her daughter Mila that she was once a popular idol who even showed up on all the major Japanese music shows – with ridiculous outfits.

If you think about it, Leah Dizon achieved the ultimate foreigner J-pop dream: a foreigner who was lucky enough to become a real J-pop star.


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Wow, that entry was really interesting. Thanks a lot. I’m having similar thoughts about Leah Dizon, the seems so like a barbie to mee, but I guess that’s how the japanese showbiz like their starlets. It’s a bit sad, but that’s how the system works. I recently found May J. which seem kind of talented, but she also looks so similar like all the other half japanese female artists.

And wow, that’s new for me, Leah is ALREADY MOTHER? To whom is she married? Oh wow, I’m kind of shocked. 😉

Comment by Pu Bea

hahaha, I like Jay Chou, too. I love his song Perfect Stranger for the taiwan drama Black & White. 😀

And she really is playing guitar…?!!! Who’s that guy? I’m more interested in him. ^^

If her songs would be better, maybe I would like Leah Dizon more. so it’s true, it’s hard to respect her as an artist, because she doesn’t even make good music. She seems just like a production of the producers who are making money with her… If she would sing in English maybe her voice could come out better.

Comment by Pu Bea

yes she is, too bad she’s married now

Comment by tokyofied

Ah, but she’s divorced now, and living in Manhatten. I never really cared much for her, but I did give her props for chasing her dream… But something that did really bother me: She still doesn’t speak Japanese, besides a few words. She had a translater with her the whole time, and that was just annoying u_u But dang, good for her for giving it all she had!

Comment by Ary

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