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Tegomasu – Tanabata Matsuri and Tegomasu no Uta
June 11, 2009, 2:22 pm
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Tegomass will be releasing their single “Tanabata Matsuri” (Star Festival) on July 8th. The following week, they will be releasing their debut album “Tegomasu no Uta” (Tegomass’ Song) on July 15th. These releases will accompany their first around-Japan summer tour. Both the album and single have limited editions that contain DVDs.

The single “Tanabata Matsuri” sounds significantly different from Tegomass’ previous works. It’s in a significantly lower range and focuses more on Massu’s vocals than Tegoshi’s. There doesn’t seem to be a focus on harmonizing and instead more on singing the melody. The song itself is a cheerful midtempo with an almost country-western feel to the instrumentation at times. The vocals are spot on as usual, and the song is fun and catchy – perfect for a summer festival mood.

If you’re pining after the amazing ballads Tegomass usually releases though, you’re still in luck, because the coupling B-side to the single “Hanamuke” gives just that: a midtempo ballad with gorgeous harmonizing in their trademark smooth vocals paired with an amazing orchestral and synth instrumentation.

The PV is also refreshing as it puts Tegomass in the middle of what looks to the a temple, playing with kids for what we can assume is Tanabata while still looking very Johnny’s-stylish. The limited edition DVD has the full version of the PV as well as the making-of clip.

As for their debut album, the tracklist is

1. ミソスープ (Miso Soup)
2. キッス~帰り道のラブソング~ (Kiss~ Kaerimichi no Love Song; Kiss~ Going Home Love Song)
3. アイアイ傘 (Ai Ai Gasa)
4. 片思いの小さな恋 (Katamoi no Chisana Koi; Little Love from One Side)
5. たったひとつだけ (Tatta Hitotsu Dake; Just the ONly One)
6. 夏への扉 (Natsu e no Tobira; Summer’s Door)
7. What’s going on?
8. くしゃみ (Kushami; Sneeze)
11. サヨナラ僕の街 (Sayonara Boku no Machi; Farewell My Town)
12. 四季彩 (Shikisai; Color of Four Seasons)
13. 雨のち晴れ(Ame Nochi Kare; Rain Then Clear) *
14. チキンボーヤ (Chicken Boy) *
* Regular Edition only

The limited edition to the album has a DVD with live footage of (according to Johnnys-net) a Ai Ai Gasa Live, with Miso Soup, Moshimo Boku ga Pochi Dattara, Bokura no Uta, Ai Ai Gasa, and Kiss ~Kaerimichi no Love Song~, as well as a documentary of Tegomass in Sweden.

If you’re a fan of Tegomass, let’s be serious: when have they disappointed with their releases? No matter what you think songs like “Chicken Boy” are going to sound like or if you’re unsure if “Tanabata Matsuri” is really your type of song, you can be sure that they’re going to deliver fun and deliciously well sung pop songs.

And as always, support the boys! “Tanabata Matsuri” and “Tegomasu no Uta” will both be showing up at my doorstep come July, let it come to yours too! 🙂

Tanabata Matsuri:
CDJapan: Limited // Regular
Yesasia: Limited // Regular
HMV: Limited // Regular

Tegomasu no Uta:
CDJapan: Limited // Regular
Yesasia: Limited // Regular
HMV: Limited // Regular

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Hi! I found your blog since we both posted on these Tegomass releases and then I realized I’ve been to your blog before (I think for one of your drama previews). Anyways, I’d really love to exchange links with you, I think you have a great site 🙂
My blog is called Disco-munication (; I’ve already added your link.

Comment by aikorin

Sure, your blog looks great and I’d love to exchange links 😀

Comment by oroitsme

Come visit sometime!

Comment by The Intern

Woooooooo.. so happy!!! Tegoshi has a nice voice.!!!
Alsoooo…hehehe he is soooo cuteeeee……!!!!

Comment by Ediie

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