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Arashi – Ashita no Kioku/Crazy Moon ~Kimi wa Muteki~
May 29, 2009, 3:44 pm
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Arashi’s latest double A-side single “Ashita no Kioku/Crazy Moon ~Kimi wa Muteki~” was released earlier this week. “Ashita no Kioku” is the theme for Sakurai Sho’s drama “The Quiz Show” while “Crazy Moon ~Kimi wa Muteki~” is a CM song for Kose. The single is released in three versions – two limited with DVDs, and one regular with karaoke tracks – and no b-sides are included.

I was on vacation so I’m a little late with my write-up; by now, if you cared about Arashi you’ve probably heard the songs already. If you didn’t, maybe you should, because this single is amazing.

“Ashita no Kioku” is a gorgeous midtempo ballad backed with dramatic strings and piano and has a great hook. Arashi songs have this tendency to have unforgettable moments in its music, and this is no difference: tell me you’re not hooked when the dramatic music led off into the chorus at “meguri meguru” – yeah, now you’re singing it too, right?

The PV will be boring if you’re a casual listener, but it’s a fan’s dream. A washed out pastel palette with five minutes full of just gorgeous casual shots of the boys. Yes, the taking pictures and sticking up photographs of clocks does tie in for the theme of time and memories and stuff – but let’s face it, if you managed to sit through more than one minute of this video, you’re watching this because everyone looks so good in this scheme.

Still amazing but on a completely different front, “Crazy Moon ~Kimi wa Muteki~” is an energetic and infective dance number. It blends heavy synth with electric guitar and a killer hook. From the very start, the song bursts with energy and simple but catchy melodies that get stuck in your head.

And with the PV, Arashi proves they’re one of the JE bands who can actually dance – or at least be able to hire good choreographers. The entire video is a flowing intertwined dance routine that is engaging to watch the entire time – it’s probably one of the best Johnny’s dance choreography I’ve seen in awhile. Visually, the boys look terrific dressed in monochrome and red in an open and empty stadium – slick, stylish, and just really cool.

I kind of hate that with every Arashi release I sing high praises, making me sound terribly biased – but what can I do when everything they release lately is just good? With strings of hits already, you’d think Arashi would mess up soon, but if it’s ever happening, it’s not with this single. Terrific music, terrific visuals, and altogether yet another amazing release from the group.


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its good to hear…
can i be a talent??

Comment by darwin aligui

undeniable that the singles arashi released lately are just too fantastic to criticise.

Comment by kyoyinghui

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