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NEWS – Koi no ABO
April 7, 2009, 2:02 pm
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NEWS’ next single “Koi no ABO” will be released April 29. The song is currently being used in NEWS’ new promotions for the RUSS-K brand. The limited edition of the single will have a 12-page booklet and a DVD with concert clips, while the regular edition will have two additional songs – including a live concert recording.

When I first heard a 30-second clip of the song, I wasn’t particularly impressed. It was really catchy right on the spot, but the music itself sounded a little dated. Besides, aren’t they singing about blood types?

Well, now it makes sense why it sounds a little 80s – because they’re going for a total Saturday Night Fever style. Okay, okay – music first: the song is, in typical NEWS style, fun and catchy. It pretty much goes full on synth – drumkit beats, synth effects, even some techno background effects thrown in. The vocals are good this time from everyone – even Shige sounds decent and has a fairly large amount of solos. And Tegoshi’s solo bridge at around 3:00 – man, that boy can SING. The song is funky and funny and infective – I’m singing along to the “Koi ooo koi ooo AB OOoooo” right now.

The PV though is the real star – it’s just FABULOUS. Watch and see for yourself. NEWS starts off the PV as cool hosts in a swanky club, smoothly picking up girls – then go DISCO. And we’re not talking Nakata-style “cool disco” – no, NEWS is busting out all the oldschool disco moves, and then some. By the end, they’re doing the disco in white racer suits, with stunner shades and wild hairstyles. It starts from cool-NEWS and dissolves into transforming into a giant dorky disco party. I love videos where the boys don’t take themselves too seriously while still staying classy – exactly something like this.

The boys look terrific – those closeup shots are amazing. This video looks like it actually had a decent budget, with extras, camera effects, and (we haven’t seen this since, what, TEPPEN?!) multiple sets that aren’t just set in front of a greenscreen! Plus, cool suave NEWS doing a disco is honestly one of the most unexpected yet awesome ideas there are.

And if you’re like me, you were waiting for it while watching the entire video…

Yes! Score another PV for the YamaP cups. 😀

A great song plus all the extras (a NEWS release with an actual DVD!) make this a definite buy. I have to say, this is the first time since “weeeek” that I’ve really been anticipating getting my copy. If you’re a fan, remember to support the boys!
Limited Edition: CDJapan/HMV/Yesasia
Regular Edition: CDJapan/HMV/Yesasia


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I really love it too! Im so happy for NEWS.

Comment by CA

PRICELESS. I am now filled with giddiness. I just love their expressions when they’re being offered disco clothes- “I really really want to- but dare I make the transition?”

Comment by Marilyn

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