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Utada Listening Parties at Sephora
March 11, 2009, 5:34 pm
Filed under: Utada Hikaru

Utada will be holding listening parties for her new English album “This is the One” in three Sephora Beauty locations in the United States: Hollywood on March 25th, New York on March 26th, and Miami on March 27th.

All the location and time information is on the Sephora site, but just some to clear one thing up:

You do NOT need to call to make an appointment. (No need to wait on hold endlessly, paranoid that spots are filling up, like I did for twenty minutes.) The Hollywood branch receptionist confirmed that the appointment is only for if you want to book a makeup artist during that time – Utada is supposed to just be there, and the store remains open to the public.

(And please: if you’re going to go, be respectful to everyone – and I mean everyone! I know I sound condescendingly elitist, but take a lesson from the few fangirls who screamed and mobbed at the NY Comicon for Sakurai Sho and ended up making everyone there collectively look like idiots: this is not a concert, it’s a public appearance at a public event, so reign your enthusiasm in and don’t turn into a mob of crazed fans!)


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