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Perfume – One Room Disco
March 10, 2009, 8:16 pm
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Perfume’s “One Room Disco” will be released on March 25th. The song has been described as a danceable spring song.The B-side is a song called “23:00.”

With a song that has disco in the name, the first thing that comes to mind is of course “Chocolate Disco” – the old sleeper single on “Fan Service Sweet” that became a huge hit after Perfume got famous.Some were ecstatic about a possible similarity to “Chocolate Disco,” some were critical that Perfume was going in a backwards direction. But what about the actual song?

“One Room Disco” starts off hard, with strong and dissonant electronic chords and a heavy bass. But twenty seconds later, the song turns around 180 and switches into a lighter, breezier song. But to just describe it as that really doesn’t do it justice. As all perfume songs go, the melody itself is slightly repetitive but unbelievably catchy. The vocoding seems a little more electronic this time and fairly thin and high pitched in the chorus, but in Nakata style, the girls’ voices are still distinguishable.

And the backing track itself is terrific. The song blends girly, twinkly synth sounds with a strong techno beats – but heavily relies on bass guitar to fill up the bass rather than a synth bass. The song also refrains an echoey, six-note tune that sounds like it came straight out of a retro 70’s disco. The song has a really mellow atmosphere – think Perfume’s “Macaroni” – but is still uptempo. There’s also some capsule-esque techno breaks in between, as if to remind you that Perfume’s music, despite being cute and poppy, still means business.

And the video! The set of “One Room Disco” is simple but gorgeously designed. Perfume uses the power of computer graphics to weave seamlessly in and out of small, simple, primarily-colored cube rooms – cube rooms that turn into a neon-lit dance paradise complete with their own disco balls and LED-lit floors during dance sequences. They play with props -they even turn into staff for each other and hold around set props during the slow interlude.  But my favorite part would be in the beginning, where Perfume stand in the dark, lit only be the strobelights, as a wind blows on them – it’s a chillingly beautiful scene. “One Room Disco’s” dance is, compared to their last several dances, quite a bit simpler, due to both a slower rhythm as well as this song’s emphasis on sounding cute. There’s also a slight focus of emphasis on apples – perhaps a throwback to “Polyrhythm,” where an apple was used as a strong visual as well?

Perfume continue to walk the line between pop and techno – both the music and the video show the blending of idol-pop and a techno. Depending on whether your tastes for Perfume lean towards pop or electronic, “One Room Disco” may or may not completely satisfy you – for my usual tastes, this song leans a bit much on the poppy side. But I still love it – the instrumentals are so complex and the tune so catchy, “One Room Disco” is yet another Perfume song that has completely engaged me.

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Seriously, this song is AWESOME! I try and try to do the dance but it’s SO HARD! And yeah! The randomness of the apples is weird but may hold some meaning. Also, I think I hear some Love The World, Dream Fighter, and other songs that I’m forgetting at the moment, in there. Either way, I JUST WANNA SEE THIS AND “Edge” LIVE! lolz

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