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Kame in anan
February 9, 2009, 10:05 pm
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In what I consider the biggest upset choice of the year – this year’s anan sex issue’s posterboy is KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi Kazuya.

Unlike previous years (like Yamapi’s risque photos last year) there is no female model and there’s only a tame amount of skin being shown in the photos – the most baring of which only showing Kame’s upper body.

kame01 kame04 kame02

kame03 kame05

(Scans credit baidu) I’ll add more scans as I find them, if they exist, since the magazine isn’t technically out.

What do you think?

As someone who’s not really a Kame fan, I don’t have much of an opinion. The leaked photos are pretty good, but after getting used to the photoshoot for the sex issue being really hot, steamy, and involving foreign models, I feel a little – I guess, cheated? Perhaps after the controversy from Yamapi’s shoot, JE has decided to not allow full nudity and/or shoots with models anymore.

On a sidenote, I would’ve bet good money that Jin – you know, #3 on the anan’s sexiest man list in 2008 (opposed to 11 for Kame) – would’ve gotten the sex issue this year, but that only shows how unpredictable JE is.


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My take is that they’re trying to market the magazine to unwitting males. His poses in those bottom two pics are pretty feminine, and would definitely have been “sexy” if it’d been a foreign blond model doing it. >>;

Comment by Kimitsu

Now that you say it, those poses do look pretty feminine.
I don’t think marketing to males is a purpose though, especially since the whole sex issue is filled with fluffy articles and polls of women’s pov on sex… even if Kame’s posing enticed them, I don’t think any straight male would pick up an issue. XD

Comment by oroitsme

In which case, we can only wonder if Kame’s drinking hobby is spilling over. :3

(I like Kame, really I do. Ish. But this is still such an amusing change from past years.)

Comment by Kimitsu

Kame stars in a drama where he drinks wine all day, and now he poses like a girl… hmm, can we really just say this is a coincidence? XD

Comment by oroitsme

NOTHING has beat Hiroki Narimiya’s sex issue spread yet…

Is there a list somewhere of who was featured every year?

Comment by Haidi

I don’t know of a complete list; if anyone has a comprehensive one, I’d like to see it too.

Comment by oroitsme

a major fan here!!!!!
Kame is my absolute No. 1 favorite
i can’t believe that he would do such a thing
but in my opinion
this isn’t really much of nudity
he’s don topless scenes at concerts etc.
so it isn’t much of a surprise for me
but the fact that he did these pics for a
effing SEX magazine
bloody shocked me
i just hope that the JE manager knows what he or she is doing

O_O shocked…though

Comment by Yiukarii

JE’s not as innocent as you think.
you’re just falling for the ‘image’ they want to see.

And there are a good numbers of JEs that do sex shoots.
get over it. o.o

x) I was disappointed. I mean, it would have been awesome for any other magazine. But what a waste
still hot though XP

Comment by WOW

well…it’s not as hot as it should be.
( there’re lots of Kame’s pics in other magazine
those are sexier than these)
if Yamapi’s is hotter than Kame’s then ….
sth is really wrong with that.(well im talkin’
about their images and many more )

or may be he want to show the innocent side of
him..umm like innocent young boy for older woman.
but it’s just my opinion though..

Comment by chewyz

well, the (un)predictable thing has happend – Jin has his sex photo shoot in meantime. *g* Are you going to post his photos on your blog, too? I like your blog!

Comment by Pu Bea

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