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Thanks for one year!
January 10, 2009, 12:00 am
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Fly to High has been running for one year as of today! Thanks to everybody who reads this blog and has supported it to today. (: I’ve put up a new layout – this time featuring the lovely girls of Perfume.

This was my first experience blogging publicly on my own blog. I set up a blog, wrote a little, and decided to see if I would hold enough interest to keep this alive for a week… I never knew I’d be interested in it for a year! While it seems like this “Japanese entertainment blog” is more of a J-pop blog now, I had intended to talk about everything Japanese-related: music, movies, dramas, celebrities, fads… but my interest has been increasingly centered on the music.

Stats-wise, my expectations were far exceeded. This blog has received 72480 page views, with 307 comments on 103 posts. The most popular posts are

1. Yamapi in AnAn
2. Fahrenheit’s Japanese Debut
3. Yamapi Gets Mobbed By Fans in Korea

and despite focusing on many artists, my Johnny’s Entertainment posts consistently receive the most hits.I guess we all love our Johnny’s! My favorite post of my own would be “What J-Pop Do You Buy” because I heard a lot of great responses from all sorts of people, bloggers and readers alike. I also really enjoy Yamapi in AnAn for the comments – almost a year after the issue, there’s occasionally still shocked people commenting in disbelief and sorrow that Yamapi took his clothes off.

Many of my hits come from search engines with “fahrenheit”, “yamapi,” and “kouhaku 2008” being the top terms along with searches for all sorts of artist names (although over a hundred come from a search for “sexual positions” – for those who read my blog wanting to know how to better love their ladies, sorry to disappoint!)

A huge, huge thanks to International Wota – especially Ray, who featured my posts numerous times at its inception and helped me get my first readers. Intlwota remains Fly to High’s largest referrer by far – thank you guys so much.

So what’s next?

I don’t feel like I have a particular style for this blog yet – reading through my archives, I often alternate between sounding professional and passionate. Sometimes I want to attempt some snark, while most of the times I just talk like I would normally. After some really enthusiastic writing, my blogging rate has also decreased dramatically as my university work load has exploded – twelve posts a month have decreased to two or three. I also don’t know what I should talk about – should I keep previewing upcoming singles? Should I talk about music videos? Should I start doing episode-by-episode recaps of dramas? Or recaps of music shows? If there’s anything you guys want to hear from me, let me know.

Writing on Fly to High is immensely enjoyable – thank you all for a great year, and hope to see you all around for year two!


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congrats on your 1 year !
just wanted to say thanks for running this blog, i think its really great and i very much enjoy reading all your entries ! (esp. the JE ones :D)
ill continue to read whatever you post this year as well (:
___and i love the new layout (;

Comment by kuroba_end

. . . somewhat Perfume centered I think you mean, not that they aren’t thoroughly deserving of the attention!

Comment by FOARP

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