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Uchi Hiroki Gets Solo Act
November 14, 2008, 8:52 pm
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Uchi Hiroki – the current Johnny’s trainee who was suspended from NEWS and Kanjani8 for underage drinking – will have his own solo live show.

There will be two shows at Yokohama Arena on December 20th and 21st, and three shows at Osaka-jo Hall on January 3rd and 4th. 75,000 tickets will be available. His backing band will be Johnny’s Jr. band Question? (the guys who released “Mezamero Yasei” with Matchy).

After starring in Playzone and his drama Osen, Uchi hasn’t been given activities; it’s speculated that the success of his show will affect decisions on his activities in the spring, and whether he will go solo or return to group activities.

Uchi reportedly said that during his suspension, he really longed to be on stage, even so much that he and his friends sang Mr. Children songs on the street. He’s glad for this opportunity, and to finally be able to really see his fans.

This is exciting news! I love Uchi and I’m so glad he’s getting this chance and that the Jimusho still believes in him. I would take the go solo or group activities part with a grain of salt, as its not consistently reported, but what’s definite is that Uchi is getting a chance to really redeem himself and prove to Johnny’s what he can bring them.

As for the future… not to start conspiracy theories or start fights, but do you think he should return to one group, two groups, or no group? If he is returned to NEWS, there is no reason to not return him to Kanjani8. But if he returns to NEWS, would Kusano return at the same time? Because he was suspended during a time of NEWS activities, he is often quoted as just being “NEWS member Uchi Hiroki;” it would be odd and spark some controversy if he only returns to Kanjani8. And with both NEWS and Kanjani8 scoring huge hits and some new fans after his suspension, does the company really want to change the groups at the height of their success? If he goes solo, how many fans will follow him, and how many will be heartbroken that he will not be restored to his respective groups? Of course, worst case scenario is that he quits and fades away…

Still, what’s to come will to come. I wish best of luck to him, and hope that his solo show is a great success.

Sources: Yomiuri // Sanspo // Nikkan Sports

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