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chatmonchy – Somaru Yo
November 8, 2008, 4:36 pm
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I am late with this one – chatmonchy’s single “Somaru Yo” was released November 5th. It is the theme for Tonsure

My lateness probably reflects my feelings towards this band – still one of my favorites, but with the hype surrounding some of my other favorites going on (Arashi, Perfume) and that I didn’t enjoy their last single that much, they slipped off the radar a bit for me.v So you’ll have to excuse me for not even realizing they had a release until now.

And I now fully repent for doing so. I love “Somaru Yo.” The title meaning “stain”, it’s a rock ballad full of raw emotion.The instrumentals are right on – soft at parts without becoming boring, strong at parts without being overbearing. Vocalist Eriko’s vocals are spot on, sounding clear and less shrill as she sings about a woman using smoking to escape, with lyrics like (roughly translated)

It’s always close by
Understanding, satisfying,
A puff after another
The smoke sting my eyes, just a bitter and black stain

It’s a gorgeous song where the emotion-filled music truly speaks for itself and tugs on your heart. The single cover doesn’t need fancy adornments, and the PV isn’t flashy and engaging – “Somaru Yo” will capture you just with the music.

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I love chatmonchy too. your youtube vid is down but I saw the vid here

Comment by joe

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