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Perfume – Dream Fighter
November 7, 2008, 10:39 am
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Perfume’s highly anticipated next single “Dream Fighter” will be released on November 19.

Since it’s radio rip released, I’ve been loving this song hardcore. There’s a stronger techno backing with the beat and the bass, but it’s the same it’s paired with the same catchy melodies that Perfume always has. There’s a little less vocoding in here than usual, perserving the girls’ voices more to their original while still being electronically altered. …just trust me. A few plays and there’s no way this song can get out of your head.

The PV surprised me with its simplicity, especially after the CG free for all that was “love the world.” The black screen and beginning reminded me strongly of their “Computer City” PV  – but if they’re going for a comparison, this is like their computer city primped up and adorned with gold (which, hey, they kind of are). The simple black scene soon evoles into a video filled with light, angle, and CG effects, not to mention paired with a dance that looks complex and streamlined. The angle shots are gorgeous and the bubbles make for a great transition method.

The frantic changes in angle make it hard to really watch the dance, but there are absolutely gorgeous solo shots. (Nocchi at 0:38! 1:02! 3:20! As you can tell, I’m a big Nocchi fan…) You wouldn’t think it, but they actually used a lot of CG bubbles to positively highligt the video. Probably the only thing I didn’t originally like were the yellow costumes, but I admit they do look really good against the black background. The video is clean and fresh but still engaging.

Looks like working on his new album hasn’t made Nakata skimp on Perfume at all. This is another terrific release for Perfume – the string of good songs just doesn’t stop! It’s hard to try to describe Perfume songs in a pseudo intelligent way to get you to listen, while all I want to do is squeal in joy at it. I can’t wait for live performances to begin. 😀

I hope this single duplicates and exceeds the success of “love the world.” The b-side on this single is called “Negai” (wish) – no preview yet, but I’m hoping for a “Seventh Heaven” esque electroballad. Then again, with Nakata, you can never tell. Support Perfume, and buy this great single! (:

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I really like this new perfume video, thats the way a techo video should be, Go Perfume

Comment by DeNsUkE

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