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Who would’ve thought…
November 6, 2008, 12:47 am
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In all my wildest dreams or thought-out predictions about Jpop acts making it in America, I never would’ve pegged H!P to make the move and launch singles and concerts – especially not with a side project that includes ex-Momusu members, punk cats, and crazy hair.

But it looks like Hangry & Angry is really going to go for it.

I’m in no way qualified to talk about H!P so I’ll keep this short, but it seems odd to me that Hangry & Angry will launch in the US before even a trial in Japan. Still, with the H!P fanbase, there’s pretty much a guaranteed audience…

Since it seems like their mini-album “Kill Me Kiss Me” will have an actual CD release, I wonder how widely distributed it will be. Is this going to be pandered directly to H!P fans, or will they actually attempt to widely distribute it to an American audience? I’d put my money with the former. Besides, with this image, Yossie and Rika are certainly more palatable to general American audiences, but the overly dramatic image, fake guitar playing, and remnants of idolpop cuteness don’t translate well to rock audiences.

Still, since there’s already a supposed tour coming to Europe and the US in 2009, it looks like they’re finally realizing the moneymaking potential of fans in the US. H!P fans in the US and Europe, you’re lucky Tsunku seems to finally have tapped into your wallets directly. It looks like this is an experiment… if Hangry & Angry is moderately successful, will other H!P groups, either established or new, also make a move to service their fans out of Japan?

(Now, if only Johnny Kitagawa would go have some coffee with Tsunku, pick up some tips, and also kindly allow me and the other Johnny’s fans over here to throw money at him for concerts… I’m not picky, I’d pay good money even to see, I don’t know, half of V6.)

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I didn’t know they are releasing in US too =O. Prolly because they are promoting NAOTO’s line? I don’t know much about UF either, but I heard Tsunku doesn’t have anything to do with this group.

Comment by nashaa

I’m a total H!P and JE junkie and even I didn’t see this coming! I never ever thought H!P had enough of a fanbase in the west to rationalize sending girls over here for concerts and CD releases. I thought it more likely that some Johnny’s boys would do it first, what with boy bands starting to come back in America lately. That’s not to say I’m not freakin’ ecstatic! Yossie and Rika are two of my favorites and I can’t wait to see them live.

I think is the only place that’s selling the actual CD and mp3’s. Tsunku seems to know that releasing it to the general audience isn’t gonna do much good. And it isn’t confirmed, but I think their tour is supposed to be a part of a tour to promote h.Naoto in general. There are a few other artists that are going to be there as well I think.

I agree that JE should try to come to the west. KAT-TUN in New York? I’d die. I think they’ve got a decent fanbase over here considering I also would pay to see like V6 or T&T. >w<

Comment by OngakuMusume

It’s still weird to me that they promote here, because do people in the US actually know/wear/like h.Naoto clothing? And I assume that people here who would wear h.Naoto usually aren’t into H!P anyways? No idea.

I do like this general trend of Japanese artists coming over, no matter who they are and what they do to promote themselves. 😛

Comment by oroitsme

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