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Get Out the Vote! (for your favorites on NTV)
November 3, 2008, 10:29 pm
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For those of you of voting age in the United States, November 4 is upon us – no matter what happens, don’t forget to visit the polls and cast your vote!

And for everyone else, cast your vote in the 2008 NTV Best Artist!

Every year, NTV hosts a big musical gala with numerous musical guests. The catch is that YOU, the audience, get to vote for who appears! This is the one that also talllies up votes for age and gender groups that are most interested in a particular artist – a very interesting add-on to the performances.

You can’t really be sure that they follow the votes exactly, but it’s worth trying to get your favorite artist into this big, star-studded event, isn’t it?

Detailed directions have been made by watchful21 at livejournal, so I won’t bother walking you through the voting process.

This year’s voting is different – wheras before, they simply asked you to vote for an artist, this time you actually vote for the most influential as well as your favorites. Who knows! Maybe your question to the artist you like will get featured on air this year!

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