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YUI – I’ll Be (for My Short Stories)
October 25, 2008, 8:18 pm
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YUI is going on a pre-announced hiatus until next year to “re-energize”, but before she leaves she’ll be releasing a B-sides album “My Short Stories” on November 12. There will be one new song included – “I’ll be” – currently used in CMs for SONY’s Walkman Play You cellphones.

With three successful albums under her belt and having established her place as a strong chart topper, I’d have thought that a best-of singles collection would have been timely for now – I certainly wasn’t expecting a B-side compilation so soon. She’s going all out for this release though – the DVD version contains 3 PVs and 7 additional lives.

As for the new song, “I’ll Be” is a nice midtempo song with both rock and acoustic guitar touches. It has great vocals, laid-back atmosphere, and catchy melody that’s become standard with her songs. The PV focuses on people uniting thanks to YUI’s music (and, incidentally, through cell phones – clever marketing move there, SONY). Overall it’s another great song from YUI.

Since her last release in in November, it raises the question of how long YUI will be gone on hiatus – will she come back in early 2009 (which wouldn’t really be much of a hiatus at all), or will she disappear for half a year? A whole year? It’s nice that she’s leaving on a good note though, releasing another good song to tide her fans over until her next single.

As for “My Short Stories,” I think it’s a definite must-have for those who enjoyed her albums but haven’t kept up with her singles. YUI’s B-sides tend to be on the more simple and acoustic side, but they are excellent songs – in fact, “Winter Hot Music” (Rolling Star b-side) and “HELP” (Tokyo b-side) are amongst my top favorites of YUI’s discography. And with a DVD Limited that has enough live foodtage to be a mini-concert, this is definitely a release to pick up.


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