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Kanjani8 – Musekinin Hero
October 22, 2008, 10:55 pm
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Kanjani8 will release their second single of 2008, “Musekinin Hero,” on October 29th. It comes in three editions: two special CD+DVD editions that have different B-sides and live performances on the DVD, and a regular edition CD-only that has yet another B-side.

“Musekinin Hero” is a pretty good song – fast paced with cheerful instrumental backing. It also has the random soundbits inserted and weird lyrics you’ve come to expect from Kanjani8. It’s exactly the kind of song you’d expect from the band recently: upbeat, fun, with good vocals in some solos and mediocre vocals in others. If you like Kanjani8, you’ll love this song; if you don’t like Kanjani8’s silly style in general, this won’t be a song to change your mind, although it’s definitely one of their better singles.

The PV for this single is pretty good as Kanjani8 now take their turn as salarymen. It seems to have a very similar direction as Wahaha’s PV – shots with all of them crowding inside the frame acting silly, with solo shots in various situations, centered around a strange location – in this case, a blank office. (Not sure if they have the same director, or if it’s just a similar concept.)

There’s nothing remotely special or new about the song or PV for Kanjani8, but this formula seems to work for the band and they do it well. With “Musekinin Hero,” Kanjani8 delivers what they always promise: a funny and happy song paired with a crack-filled PV with a lot of gorgeous shots of the boys. And, I mean, what more can you ask for?

And I predict this single will sell like hotcakes, because every fangirl and fanboy is going to snatch up at least two copies for the Nagano Big Hat concert performances on the DVD. Limited edition A contains live performances of two songs, “fuka-fuka Love the Earth” and “BJ”. Limited edition B contains three pair/trio performances: “desire,” “torn,” and “Hoshii mono wa.” I don’t even follow Kanjani8 fandom closely and I’ve heard endless raving about Nishikido Ryo and Ohkura Tadayoshi’s sexy performance of “torn” – all I can say is, someone managing Kanjani8’s releases really knows how to get the fans to spend their money.

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