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Guess Who’s Japan’s #1 Ladies’ Man… Again.
September 23, 2008, 6:39 pm
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The 2008 issue of anan is out with 2008’s rankings of the top men as voted by female readers. This is a huge yearly ranking, with women of all ages sending in their votes. And guess who won, for the fifteenth year in a row?

Don’t hold your breath now – Kimura Takuya. Is anyone surprised? And is anyone surprised he also won the other categories, like best boyfriend and most-wanted-in-bed? Just for good measure, the entire list (with changes from last year’s rankings and pictures, for your reference 😉 ) goes:

1. Kimura Takuya (-)
2. Fukuyama Masaharu (-)
3. Akanishi Jin (+5)
4. Matsumoto Jun (+1)
5. Nakai Masahiro (-2)
6. Yamashita Tomohisa (+8)
7. Katori Shingo (-1)
8. Okada Junichi (-4)
9. Oguri Shun (+10)
10. Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (+1)
11. Kamenashi Kazuya (-1)
12. Inagaki Goro (-3)
13. Tsumabuki Satoshi (-6)
14. Sakurai Sho (+7)
15. Domoto Koichi (-)
16. Ninomiya Kazunari (+2)
17. Eita (+9)
18. Nagase Tomoya (-2)
19. Tamaki Hiroshi (+5)
20. Nishikido Ryo (+2)
21. Ikuta Toma (new)
22. Kenichi Matsuyama (new)
23. Takizawa Hideaki (-11)
24. Ohkura Tadayoshi (+3)
25. Mokomichi Hayami (-8)
26. Koike Teppei (-3)
27. Ichihara Hayato (new)
28. Narimiya Hiroki (-)
29. Koide Keisuke (+1)
30. Miura Haruma (new)

So there you go girls – best of Japan’s men right there.

My thoughts:

  • Poor Fukuyama Masaharu, still second place to Kimura Takuya. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. It’s okay, he still has hordes of women thinking he’s sexy – even if never as many as Kimura.
  • Takuya will probably still be winning this when he’s sixty.
  • All of SMAP, all among the top twelve? Over hotties like Okada and Nagase and Eita? SERIOUSLY NOW?
  • Miura Haruma is on the list! Now that’s a display of good taste.
  • So most of Japan’s hottest men come from a little company called Johnny’s. I WANT TO WORK THERE.
  • BIGGEST CRIME ON THIS LIST IN MY OPINION: YAMAPI IS NOT ON TOP. Up eight places though – good job, Japanese women. 😀

Not going to upload everything – but like always, there’s some definitely gorgeous shots in this issue. Not to mention that AnAn has some pretty nice printing… it’s definitely something to pick up if you can! 😀


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but 4me yamapi is always no 1

Comment by p-fans

aiya… koike teppei’s ranking has gone down!

Comment by renaye

miura haruma is gorgeousss. (:

Comment by sierra

jin akanishi, handsome and sexy and one of JE’s best performers

Comment by centrum

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