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Yamapi: Singer, Actor, and now, College Graduate
September 19, 2008, 3:55 pm
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Yamashita Tomohisa of NEWS, or who we all fondly know as Yamapi, has graduated from Meiji University with a degree in marketing! At the last graduating period, he was a few credits short – but he has made it up and is now a graduate.

He entered Meiji just as NEWS was first formed. I’m impressed and proud of him: in these four years, he has gone from a very popular junior idol to one of the most popular entertainers in Japan. He’s the leader of NEWS, had several succesful side singles, acted in wildly succesful dramas, headed his own movie, and is a very visual spokesperson and celebrity. And through it all, he stuck through his education the whole way.

A rough translation from me comprehending the Japanese and Chinese subtitles best that I can, correct me if you see a mistake!

Yamapi: “You only live once. Being able to experience the college life was great.”

NEWS’ Yamashita Tomohisa has graduated from Meiji University’s business school; he is at the commencement.

Yamapi: Four and a half years of hard work made me realize that this is really a special experience.

With his extremely busy schedule, Yamashita Tomohisa was unable to graduate in four years and has taken another half a year.

Yamapi: It was definitely a big shock for me. But looking back, it might have been a good thing. That is… well, I definitely did my best.

Q: Do you have any regrets?

Yamapi: Like playing soccer, or other kinds of activities like that, I couldn’t go to many. It’s a bit regretful.

Q: But you couldn’t help it, right.

Yamapi: Right, right. I really haven’t been able to make more friends…

Now that Yamashita has entered the working society, what are his plans for the future?

Yamapi: I want to learn more languages. Also, I’ll try my best to become someone who can bring happiness to other people.

Congratulations, Yamapi!

Also, with his graduation bringing the graduates count of NEWS up to two (Koyama graduated Meiji in 2007) with two more (three, if you still count Kusano) members in school, NEWS can probably now be officially considered the smartest Johnny’s group? 🙂


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oh he made it! i was watching an interview of him with his senpai on a radio station and he stated that he doesn’t really like studying. XD. i’m just glad he finally able to graduate~

Comment by renaye

just want to ask, forgive me if i’m wrong.
did kusano already graduate from university? cause all i know his age is below tegoshi and shige and they both still study in university this year, thanks

Comment by p-fans

@p-fans: There’s that rumor that he was studying in New York for now, I think, and media doesn’t really report on Kusano anymore. But supposing he hasn’t dropped out, he should still be in university right now.

Comment by oroitsme

he finally graduated!

Comment by Yiukarii

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