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NEWS – Happy Birthday
September 11, 2008, 11:03 am
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NEWS’ next single “Happy Birthday” will be released on October 1st; the PV is now out.

The full song rip has already been out, so my thoughts on the song are still not that changed. After a few more – well, a lot more – listening, the song has grown on me considerably, but I still don’t think it’s that great a song. I do like some of the solo parts considerably, but parts of the song, whether it’s the melody or the beat or the mix of everything, irk me a little.

But to it’s benefit, “Happy Birthday” has a really cute PV, complete with CG visuals and the boys acting like dorks. Though it’s obviously shot entirely on greenscreen, the CGs turn out well and don’t look cheap. The dance is NEWS-caliber dancing (read: not so impressive choreography) but some of the moves are quirky and fun, like the little bow – the live performances should be very fun to watch. And just as a little extra, I actually think the single cover is okay this time – the “present” ribbon on the limited edition is a nice sassy touch.

“Happy Birthday” is not a great song musically, but it is sweet. At the end of the PV, NEWS wish everyone happy birthday. To be honest, this release probably wouldn’t be worth it to pick up for casual j-pop listeners – but for NEWS fans, this is a fun and cute must-have.

And of course, we still get the Yama-cups. That’s always a plus. 🙂


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I agree with you completely, it’s okay, and for many NewS fans it’s a must have x]

Comment by Vanessa

indeed. it’s a cute pv but the song is not that great but still NewS fans would be happy to see them back in action. i’m very happy to get to see tegoshi. XD

Comment by renaye

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