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alan – Kaze no Tegami
September 9, 2008, 4:02 pm
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Well, talk about being really late about releases now that I’m mostly computer-less: alan releases her wind single “Kaze no Tegami” tomorrow, and I just heard it today.

One of the first things that struck me about this single was that the cover was gorgeous. No more of that one eye open, one eye close thing in the same pose – instead we get two gorgeous poses alan in a beautiful layered dress – it’s definitely an improvement.

The song itself is much different from what the covers promised though. It’s a edgier pop-rock song, and most of the PV has alan dressed like a rocker, shot in high contrast black-and-white singing in front of a band. The video has gorgeous scenes, alternating in the difference between alan looking tough and looking delicate – referring to the two sides of wind, perhaps?

The song, unfortunately, isn’t as gorgeous. It’s good to see alan straying apart from just ballads, but “Kaze no Tegami” just isn’t that good a song. The melody isn’t very catchy or vocally impressive. The song seems to not be able decide if it wants to be synth-pop or rock, and ends up switching between the two. And alan’s voice is still majestic and clear – it ends up clashing with the already feuding instrumental.

It’s not a bad song – it’s better, in fact, than a lot of the pop some minor avex artists get – but from the standards alan has set for herself with some pretty fabulous singles, this one just falls short for me. (Luckily, her next single is for fire, and is “RED CLIFF” – and that’s the one I’ve been waiting for all this time.)


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