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NEWS – New Happy Birthday Single
August 20, 2008, 7:12 pm
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NEWS will be releasing their next single “Happy Birthday” on October 1st. The title song is used in a “Happy Bath Day” (ooh, clever) promotion for Kose’s line of Precious Rose bath products.

The song is written by SEAMO and supposedly should make you “brace yourself for a catchy sound and soft melody as News wishes a happy birthday to the people they love.” The b-sides include a song called “Push On!” on the regular, “GAME of LOVE” on the limited version, and “GanGanGanbatte” on both.

There’s a longer clip of the song in the CM making-of. Well, it’s certainly catchy and soft… last time NEWS had a famous guest song-writer, GReeeeN turned out the spectacular “weeeek” so “Happy Birthday” has a lot to compare itself to – and as of now, it doesn’t win. Still, after just hearing it just a few times I walked around and started humming it, so it might grow tremendously on me.

Well – as always, support the boys. (And if you don’t mind, use my CDJapan links to support me too? :D)
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Their white bg and outfits strangely reminds me of the opening of Last Friends…

Comment by semified

Eh???? I dont like it. I always thought that NewS always get the most boring songs in JE… I was proven wrong with Weeek, but then they are slowly going back to boring after their Summer Time and this new single.

Comment by Sabrina

@semified: Haha I thought that too, with the white clothes all swishing around! Kind unsettling, to see DV-Ryo turn into rose-handing Ryo. XD

@Sabrina: No disagreement from me on this point. 😐 I don’t know why NEWS just can’t get some good songs more often… although imo they’re still one step ahead of those pretty bad songs always given to V6 and KinKi.

Comment by oroitsme

this single sounds boring. T_T i don’t really like SEAMO anyways. i’m actually enjoying V6’s newer singles! 😀

Comment by cynthi

@cynthi: V6 is doing a liiiitle better but they’re still gypped compared to, say, Arashi or KAT-TUN. Also, I’m not too hot about SEAMO either. ):

Comment by oroitsme

Oh dear god.
Just when I thought I was already perverted with news.
They’re going to release single involving bathing.
Do you realize how insane my hormones are going to go now?

Comment by blackmager

[…] full song rip has already been out, so my thoughts on the song are still not that changed. After a few more – well, a lot more – listening, the song […]

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