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HAPPY! – episode 9 and 10
August 20, 2008, 3:00 pm
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New, simpler opening this time, but very pretty with the sky and the cutouts. I have officially passed the 10 episodes behind schedule mark XD but here’s a synopsis of 9 and 10 – two great, can’t be missed episodes.

Episode 9

This was a great episode! A-chan is the host this time – pedestal and all – and brings out her guest, comedian Yama-chan. It’s another love-related episode, this time: to help Yama-chan, single for three years, find a girl!

A-chan and Yama-chan go through activities for Yama-chan to choose. Yama-chan asks Nao to model her model walk. Afterwards, he cracks a very cold – and very poorly received – “venus” joke.

Next, Nocchi is asked to show her housewifely abilities. Let’s pause for a moment now, because Nocchi proceeds to don an apron and finely chop a banana. Moeee~

Next, stage two: how Yama-chan captures women’s hearts! Kashiyuka is reluctantly roped into doing a skit, where Yama-chan has “lost” something – and it’s his heart!

Kashiyuka is a little disgusted and not impressed at all.

Then Yama-chan does a gag that makes everyone – especially Sumiko – burst into laughter. As the next challenge, he shows his sports skills by fake-playing basketball.

Finally, A-chan asks Yama-chan to choose who he would pick out of the four – and he says none of them. Why? He needs to come clean to A-chan… the rest of the girls giggle…

As his pants drop down to show underpants that say “A-chan daisuki,” it’s clear why. 😀

Episode 10

It’s the concert episode! Nao and Sumiko follow Perfume’s 5.31.2008 GAME Tour date in Yokohama. They’re both excited. Nao demonstrates her favorite Perfume song – as well as demonstrating why she’s a model and not a singer, because she is completely tone deaf. So yeah, they will attend the concert today!

They go around and talk to the fans for awhile – talking to/hitting on two male fans. When Sumiko tells the second guy, an A-chan fan, that her hands have touched A-chan, he reaches out to grab Sumiko’s hands. XD

They then cut to a studio segment filmed but not aired from episode one talking about how the group has been together for 8 years and such. There’s a VTR with more background on the girls.

The huge crowd gathers – and a few call out to “Nao-chan” and, eventually, “Sumiko” on the balcony. Talk about a big celebrity presence. 🙂

The concert gets underway. The highlight would have to be the “Secret Secret” performance clip shown – it’s just as amazing live as it was in the PV!

They show parts of more performances (GAME, Baby Cruising Love, Polyrhythm, Chocolate Disco) as well as a few MCs – where A-chan takes the chance to give Sumiko some shoutouts.

Both Nao and Sumiko have positive impressions of the concert. Nao enjoys the energetic live, while Sumiko is more touched by how Perfume are onstange and off and thanks them for putting on a good show.

Finally, it’s the last MC – Perfume all battle tears (some better than others) as they thank the audience for making their tour a success.

With Perfume offstage, the crowd turns to wave to Nao and Sumiko. Of course, they wave back. Sumiko, in completely high tension, screams out “I love Perfume” along with her trademark comedy catchphrase – the audience loves it.

Finally, Nao and Sumiko go visit Perfume backstage – Perfume are very happy to see them. It’s all smiles as Sumiko tells Perfume just how impressed she was by the concert. 🙂


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