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Get Your Own Rocket Sneakers
August 19, 2008, 1:58 am
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In one of the most brilliant (and expected in a “duh I should’ve known”) promotional schemes, Otsuka Ai is releasing a line of her very own Rocket Sneakers. She has teamed up with shoe company CAUSE shoes for limited collaboration sneakers to commemorate her “Rocket Sneaker/OnexTime” single, with Otsuka participating actively in its creation.

With Ai’s fifth anniversary of her musical debut coming up, avex has been giving her increased promotions. I’d usually think that clothing and item promotions, like t-shirts or towels, are rather gimmicky – but to my surprise, these sneakers are really, truly aesthetically pleasing. There is a red and black version, like on her single covers, but they are much flashier than her’s and have cute details like the ai otsuka tag on the back and the back slit. I like the red version a little better, but I won’t say no to the black version either!

If you love these shoes too and happen to have at least 18900 yen (about 170 USD) to spend around and a way to buy online items from Japan, you can order it from now until noon on September 5th; they’ll then be manufactured and sent out mid-December.

The Ai fans with enough money to blow on sneakers will be walking around this winter with some very nice kicks. 🙂

She’s also got some nice T-shirts and towel for her single and anniversary concert (I’m really digging the black T-shirt for “Kurage, Nagareboshi”) so if you’re interested, they’re available starting September 8th.


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Very cute Thanks for sharing the information

Comment by Blue

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I kind of really like those shoes! and is there an industry avex won’t stick their hand into??

Comment by Elizabeth

One day soon we’ll probably see Koda Kumi thongs and Ayu-chain nail salons – if there isn’t already.

Comment by oroitsme

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