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Arashi – Truth/Kaze no Mukou e
August 8, 2008, 12:46 pm
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Arashi’s next single is a double A-side, “Truth/Kaze no Mukou e.” “Truth” is the theme song to member Ohno Satoshi’s summer drama Maou, while “Kaze no Mukou e” is the theme song to the NTV broadcast of the Beijing 2008 Olympics. The single will come in three versions – two limited, each focusing on one of the A-sides with one PV, and a regular version with a B-side song. Despite Ohno’s recent scandal, it seems to in the end have no effect on his activities, and the single is going ahead as planned.

I need to move to Japan. A place where a terrific boyband acts and sings for a drama and the Olympics broadcast at the same time? Now those are olympic broadcasts with style.

“Truth” is Fantastic. Amazing. I’m of the group that usually consider Arashi to be so much better when they’re doing happy rainbow-inspired songs against angsty ones, but although “Truth” is very different from their recent pop songs, it’s really good! There’s so much urgency and power to the vocals – and since this is Ohno’s drama, we actually have Ohno’s vocals leading. I love the double-layering of the vocals in the chorus, and that they paired up orchestra with a heavy synth beat. It’s driving, intense, and damn catchy.

The PV is gorgeous, with its color motif, lighting, and frames. The dance in the PV isn’t very sharp – and I can’t fully believe them pulling off the serious angsty look thing – but the visuals are stunning to look at. There are actually a lot of women in a Johnny’s video, would ya look at that, although they’re an orchestra of props. The orchestra, chandelier, and lily make flash by beautifully and help create a tie in to the Maou drama. And, well, the boys all look amazing in here.

RE Cover

The PV for “Kaze no Mukou e” isn’t up yet, but here’s a song preview. It’s a laid-back, acoustic, cheerful song, something that’d be more expected for Arashi. The song sounds really simple, with a looping chorus, but it’s catchy! I like the piano, guitar, and brass they use here – a complete opposite of the synth and orchestra in “Truth.” Also, there’s a nice portion of Sho rapping in there – haven’t heard that featured in awhile, and glad to hear it back.

The “Kaze no Mukou e” video isn’t as epic as “Truth” (which is probably where all their video budget went) but it’s lighting and simplicity does match the song. They’re all rocking out to the song as the set spins – simple but just fun. It’s great to see Nino and his guitar featured. Except for Matsujun who looks like he’s literally draped in a flag, the boys all look great in here too.

I give up trying to judge Arashi; I was obviously wrong in being critical of “Step and Go” (which the performances later brought me into loving :|) and they just put out songs that I love not only because it’s Arashi singing, but also because it’s actually interesting, catchy, enjoyable music. This single nicely balances two songs on complete opposite sides of the pop spectrum. Now the only problem I’ll have with Arashi is deciding which version of their single I want to buy more.


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I have to say, I’m loving truth, especially the use of an orchestra. it’s nice that ohno’s scandal didn’t have any negative effects, it was more funny than anything…

Comment by Elizabeth

To be completely honest?

Kaze no Mukou E is a great song with a lousy PV. Truth is a soso song (the echoes near the chorus were just badly done) with a pretty impressive PV.

Essentially, I think it’s a waste. xD

Comment by Raid

Raid! How can you resist the intensity in “Truth”? The orchestra? The emo lyrics? XD But to each their own.

Comment by oroitsme

love ur blog one of my faves i rely like kaze no mukou e especially with ohno as the lead singer

Comment by audreyhep

I’m a happy guy!

…. you believe me. Right? xD

Comment by Raid

Sorry, but can you tell me more about Ohno’s “recent scandal”? I don’t think I’ve heard of that yet.. 😮

Comment by mandy

@mandy: The scandal about Ohno’s threesome and alleged marijuana smoking –

Comment by oroitsme

How do you know Arashi and those thingy ??
Are you Japanese ?
If you are not, where are you from ?

Comment by daikingman

I’ve got to say that I am MADLY in love with TRUTH. This is from someone who prefers rock to bubblegum music.

But, I appreciated ARASHI the more when this song came out due to that fact that I realized how great they sound together as a group and individually. I also noticed how amazing they can be to pull off this edgy song. Plus, OHNO’s voice sounded so smooth

Comment by rica4542

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