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HAPPY! – episode 7 and 8
August 6, 2008, 3:27 pm
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Well, it looks like I’m really, really behind on these. Better late than never? As always, screencaps from veoh.

Episode 7

Today is Kashiyuka’s day to lead. She brings on a guy who is a love expert or comedian – I couldn’t catch his name or read the kanji. What the girls do today is ask him love questions. I don’t really understand what they’re talking about, but to the best of my knowledge/inference, Nao asks what he would do when received with food from a girl; Kashiyuka asks how/if he would call his girlfriend; A-chan asks his ideal date plan.

I don’t know what his answers are, but he apparently sucks, because after he gives his answer the girls all mark and score him. His scores are so painfully low (Kashiyuka even gave him a -10 on the last question.)

They tally up who gave him the most points, and A-chan wins… with a total of 12/30. (Pity points!) So she gets to have a nice date/session with him. And what does she talk about?

GAME album promotions. 😀 That’s my girl!

Episode 8

Now it’s A-chan’s chance to bring on a love specialist – and it’s the crossdresser comedian Maeken. After last episode, it’s now time to rate girls with the segment called a girl’s album. (PS: Look at Kashiyuka! She’s rocking a fierce fedora this episode.)

They’re shown VTR of girls getting guys, and rate them with 0, 1, or 2 “arus.” The first video is of a girl waiting for her boss around the corner, and accidentally “meeting” him. Perfume goes wild for this, and Kashiyuka reveals something about Perfume’s very cool dance teacher.

The second one has the woman being mature and aggressive. Nao loves this one. Nocchi also shares her experience of confessing to ten guys in a row in elementary school.

Afterwards it’s one of a girl judging on writing? not sure, and one of a girl who has to basically support her boyfriend with money. Results differ. Finally, Maeken announces a winner of the day – it’s Nao this time. No special prize like A-chan got, though.

These two episodes were pretty talk-centric and wordy – mostly talk, not so much activity, so I found it hard to understand, but I think I got the general gist of things anyways.


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Talk shows are realllllly hard to love unless you understand what they’re talking about.

Which is why I prefer shows like HEYHEYHEY. xD At least I can laugh at the nonsensical screaming and head slapping even if I don’t understand.

Comment by Raid

HAPPY! usually is more wild and activity based than this, which is infinitely more interesting than these. XD But of course, HEYx3 is love with their madness, as is Utaban. 😀

Comment by oroitsme

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