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alan – Sora Uta
July 24, 2008, 2:21 pm
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alan’s single “Sora Uta” will be released August 13; it is the second in her series of five singles that focus on Chinese elements.

Before I say anything else – five Chinese elements, seriously? I totally didn’t get that just looking at the releases, and listening to/watching Natsukashi Mirai, I didn’t figure out. It’s actually a little cheesy. But thankfully, avex paired these releases with gorgeous photoshoots, videos, and songs (so far), and this gives alan more promotion, so why not.

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A first for alan, “Sora Uta” is actually an upbeat song. I was surprised; it started off ballady, but then the beats kicked in. It has Tibetan inspired vocals and beats that mix with some rather heavy pop beats and synth. It even has some vocal alteration in a part, along with some chanting. The tune itself is catchy but pretty standard, nohing special, but the song really shines from all the different influences – a pop tune sung with ballady vocals at part, backed with a techno beat with Tibetan instrumental and vocal influences, with some vocal alteration at parts and even some ethereal chanting? It’s so weird – and so unique, and I absolutely love it.

The PV is really impressive this time. Not that avex hasn’t been doing justice to alan in terms of budget (all her styling, photoshoots, and PVs have been great) but I’m really impressed this time. Yes, it’s really CG-ed, and the parts where alan is walking through the sky are cheesy – but the scene where alan and two backup dancers are dancing in front of a sky screen in front of a dark cityscape?

Wow. Wow. Wow. Also, I like the Tibetan dancing to a heavy dance beat – very interesting to watch.

The B-side on this single is called “My Stage”; no preview is available yet, but does it matter with such a strong A-side? After three ballad singles with ballad B-sides, I’m glad avex is finally seeing if alan can do well with other genres. Not only was it a good upbeat song, it was a song that was actually kind of exciting to listen to – I’m very impressed by this single.


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Photoshop much production team? xD

Comment by Raid

LOL NO. it takes little time to close your eyes, they more then likely blew a fan by her and took a lot of pics. Note that the hair isn’t exactly the same.

Comment by sen

Actually, the dancing is not Tibetian but more Indian inspired due to the 5 element’s inspiration coming from Buddhism. Not cheesy but something alan wanted as a concept for the album but then Avex turned into a marketing/sell more CD strategy.

Comment by M

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