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Aragaki Yui – Make My Day
July 10, 2008, 1:06 pm
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Model-actress-singer Aragaki Yui released her first album last year, but will release her first single “Make My Day” on July 16. The title song was the theme to last season’s drama 81 Diver. The single will be released in three versions – one regular, and two DVD versions.

After listening to her debut album “Sora,” I feel like Gakki doesn’t have a very strong voice. I love the girl, but she’s just not a naturally talented singer. She’s not terribly bad – during live performances she was usually on tune and beat – but the quality of her voice itself is thin and weedy and she doesn’t have much power. But for many of her songs, I thought it worked well: she makes her singing work for her mellow pop-rock genre, and it usually sounds good.

(In case youtube kills off this video any moment now: Veoh link)

I actually like the most of “Make My Day” – it’s a nice midtempo pace and her cute vocals match the atmosphere of the song. I’m not feeling the chorus though – I just feel like her voice can’t pull off suddenly shooting up to the higher register notes, and something about the composition of that part just sounds a bit off from the rest of the song for me.

The song isn’t as good as her other two well known songs (“Heavenly Days”, “Orange”) but by itself it’s pretty good. Either she or her management are really taking her musical career seriously (for good reason, too: her “Sora” album had fantastic sales.).

Something else to look forward to: one DVD version will contain PVs for “Orange,” “Heavenly Days,” and “Sora” (the song off of the same-named album) while the other has this PV as well as the naked voice version of this and “Heavenly Days.” What’s a naked voice version? Beats me, but I’m up for it.


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Very interesting. Im looking for to this release. I enjoyed Heavenly Days very much 😀

Comment by Blue

Youtube, why are you so unreliable?
There’s are killer earrings. I love the key!

Comment by raison

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Comment by kaveh yousefzadeh

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