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Perfume – Love the World
June 23, 2008, 7:50 pm
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Perfume’s next single “Love the World” will be released on July 9th.

I’ve never heard, but I always assumed that “Love the World” was an eco-friendly themed song, since they appeared on NHK’s Save the World and because the song wants you to love the world?

See it on dailymotion (new window)

Anyways, I really like the song; I’m sure a few more listens will tip me over to loving it – wait, I’ve crossed it. I love “Love the World.” Despite being upbeat and catchy, it’s able to sound laid back and soft – there’s a catchy beat, but it’s not as strong and imposing. Something about the song also strikes me as being 80s influenced.

As for the visual portion though, I’m torn. I’ll be positive first: I like the dance, especially the sassy leg routine at the beginning. The black and white works really well for the girls’ faces. The special effects in the video actually pretty cool and not really gimmicky or cheesy. The single covers are both very nice. Also, I like the slow-mo parts – they add a nice flavor.

However, I’m not feeling the grayscale. I think the concept is good, but there’s so much going on in the video that it all looks messy. The costumes are pretty flowy this time around – to get the nice slow-mo parts, I guess, and they look nice – but during the video it often just looks like frumpy patches of white or gray. And sometimes there’s just too much gray everywhere, like in the scenes with the sky in the background. It’s a matter of personal preference, but I would’ve preferred if they’d added in some color accents or cut down on the visual effects.

But of course, nothing will stop me looping the video days on end until the single comes out.


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i think this is one of the best single of perfume, perfectly timing, its time to save mother earth and love the world.

Comment by densuke

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