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chatmonchy – Kaze Fukeba Koi
June 17, 2008, 3:15 pm
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Kaze Fukeba Koi,” chatmonchy’s next single, will be released June 25th. The title song was used in CMs for Seabreeze products from Shiseido.

They use some interesting syncopation in the song that makes it sound different. I am actually not that fond of this song – most of the tune sounds forgettable, while the chorus, although catchy, sounds monotone and grating. The best part would probably be the last repetition of the chorus, because it’s at the part that the tune really works well, but unfortunately it’s only that one part. But the music is very inventive – the beat and instrumentation are very fresh – which makes the song interesting, despite not being the catchiest number the band has had.

Still, since I am a fan, I do enjoy how the band is experimenting with their sound. I like how they used a live for their PV, keeping to their rock roots. And since this song was used in a fairly major commercial, hopefully it does well.

Just as an extra, here’s the CM that the song was used in. It’s actually how I first heard this song – because who can resist Horikita Maki in a CM this cute? 🙂


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sure, it’s not their best song but I still loved it xD
oh btw if you’re a Chatmonchy fan I recommend you join this forum:
It’s the largest chatmonchy forum around with a great community with an affiliation with yui-lovers forum (so some users are from there).

Comment by tomohide

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