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June 15, 2008, 8:44 pm
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Following her successful “I LOVED YESTERDAY” album, YUI’s next single “SUMMER SONG” is going to be released July 2nd.

As shown in the PV, “SUMMER SONG” is a summer sequel to “Laugh Away.” The song is, like “Laugh Away”, lighthearted, but is much more cheerful as opposed to wistful. She uses her high notes differently in this song, enough to make a distinct impact, but it is still the kind of laid-back YUI song we all know – acoustic guitar paired with a midtempo beat and her clear vocals.

This single is a first for YUI in many ways. She is wearing a dress. She is wearing high heels! And most surprisingly, her single is happy and she looks and sounds happy. I, for one, am glad we’re finally seeing this girl sing while smiling instead of looking eternally devastated; maybe she won’t be the poster child for Japanese emo after all (although I do like her slightly wistful songs the best).

At the end of the single there’s a small preview for the acoustic version of “Laugh Away” that will be on the single. I guess there won’t be a “Namidairo” acoustic version – making it, like her “TOKYO” single, one of the few that don’t have an acoustic version on the following single – but it makes sense, because it’s acoustic enough already. The other song on the single is called “Oh My God” – no previews yet, but that’s definitely a song I’m curious about.

I’m digging the song – it’s a catchy song that’s distinctly YUI, but it still sounds different from her other songs. I’m looking forward to live performances of this – we’ll see YUI perform happily, finally.


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Yui sure has changed since the first song i heard from her .. i don’t know if its a good thing or a bad thing

Comment by Blake

I’m really looking forward to this single’s release!

Comment by Elizabeth

“instead of looking eternally devastated” – so totally true. (I hurt myself laughing)

Comment by Tak

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