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HAPPY! – episode 5 and 6
June 10, 2008, 7:11 pm
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I am really behind on my HAPPY! episodes – oh, life – so I’ll be playing
catch-up for awhile. They’re going out of the studio for filming now, focusing not on celebrity blogs but on their own interests now. Screencaps from veoh again.

Episode 5

Today’s shoot begins outside! After a few jabs at Nishioka, Nocchi reveals that it is her idea that their episode have Nao, being a CanCam model and all, style them. And so they go!

First on the way though, they stop at Nao’s pick Kurodai for taiyaki, those fish-shaped breads except these are different from the traditional ones and have a cream center. Everyone approves.

Then they stop at Coucou, a pick of Kashiyuka’s that has random cheap and cute items. They bring out Hamada, their producer? The store’s producer? I’m not sure, but they urge Nishioka to use the items in-store to make a gag.

Hamada judges and… does not approve.

Then everyone else tries, and gets approval for all of their own dumb cheesy acts.

Nishioka tries again… and is, once again, denied.

They reach Grace Continental, which is Nao’s pick of a clothing store. She goes to restyling Nocchi, putting her into a cute flowy minidress. The new look is admired. 🙂 Nocchi is a little embarrassed by how short and flowy it is, but Nao explains how it is fashionable. Nocchi is glad that everyone likes it. Then A-chan and Kashiyuka are to be restyled as well. Nishioka wants to be restyled as well – but they reveal it won’t be by Nao, but by the old producer.

Kashiyuka and A-chan’s looks are revealed, with Kashiyuka in a flirty one-piece dress and A-chan dressed maturely.

Next is Nishioka’s turn. What is the Hamada’s theme? Boku no Yume – “my dream.” XD She comes out in a crimson dress with a huge black hat – she looks good. (But Hamada sure has some pretty scandalous dreams…)

All the makeovers turned out pretty well – but it’s hard to mess up when each piece of clothing the Perfume girls wore is about 300US, with Nishioka’s dress more around $1000US.

Episode 6

The show starts in Akihabara this time! A-chan starts humming a strange tune, and when asked why – well, this is Akihabara after all! The show this time is about the newest electronics – topic chosen by Nishioka.

They arrive at the store, and Nishioka pulls out a stack of cash. Girl is ready to make some purchases! 8D

First they’re shown a giant, amazing Panasonic television. But its 5,600,000 yen – aka $56000US – so they go look at more reasonably priced televisions instead.

Next, they’re shown these new Sony Cybershot cameras that have smile detection – they shoot the picture when they detect you smiling. Everyone tries, and it works like a charm!

But then Nocchi tries… and however much she smiles, grins, winks, the camera just doesn’t detect her smile. Oh Nocchi… I think the VTR said the staff did tamper with it though, so it’s of no fault of Nocchi’s or her brilliant smile.

They move on to a fridge that not only keeps things cold, but could also keep things warm. The girls all have a nice cup of soup. Then they move on – but, wait, where’s Nocchi?

She’s relaxing on a massage chair, looking like she’s in bliss – before the machine hurts her. The salesman demonstrates all the different things the chair can do, which is pretty awesome. Then all the girls grab a chair each and relax.

Nishioka decides to buy the less expensive television they saw – but notices something wrong. Why is the bill so high? Perfume and Nao chorus together their thanks… apparently, they each grabbed one of those cybershots and want Nishioka to pay for it. XD Nishioka is surprised, expecting Perfume to do this, but even Nao?! But all of them, even the salesman, stay adamant. Nishioka Sumiko, always pwned. XD


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