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Jin Wants To Taste Your Lovejuice
May 15, 2008, 11:36 am
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Akanishi Jin’s solo “LOVEJUICE” on the KAT-TUN “Don’t U Ever Stop” single is possibly one of the dirtiest English songs I have ever heard – even dirtier than all those rap songs that only talk about booties and hoes and whatnot.

First, just listen to the song – it’s got a great R&B beat, paired with his smooth vocals.

Got that? Yeah, I know you can’t tell what the heck he’s singing. It’s actually completely in English, and the lyrics are completely penned by Jin himself.

If you scroll down, you’re in for completely not safe for work lyrics.

Don’t know where you’re from
Never seen you around
But that don’t mean nothing to me
Just want a taste of that…

She stood there waiting alone
Green eyes her shoulder exposed
Smiling and biting her straw
She gave me one look, I froze

Her sexy inviting eyes
My hands on her hips as we grind
She whispered in an accent unknown

“Just let go, let the music take control babe
Move your body, nothing crazy
So take it slow, there’s so many things I want you to know
I ain’t leaving you, cuz I’m yours tonight”

I can tell you want me too
And every time I think of you
That luscious drink your lips produce
I can taste that sweet LOVEJUICE

“Oh”, “Oh”, “More”, “Slow”

Classy like none of these hoes
Pretty little frame under her clothes
Those lips as red as a rose
Vibing to the beat from the Boze

Don’t rush the night is still young
Take it to the room and sex things up
I can see you call out my name, saying

“Don’t stop, more,” I’m trying to see how your lips feel babe
All we need is body language
And now I know, I’m falling for you and I just can’t lie
I won’t go nowhere cuz I’m your man tonight

See, I’ve been all around the world, but I ain’t (seen nothing x2)
Like you, don’t matter where you’re from, it don’t (mean nothing x2)
See, I’ve been all around the world, but I ain’t (seen nothing x2)
And now I’ve got four minutes to take you back, girl we can (be something x2)
(Hook x3)

“But that’s not so bad!” Also note that lovejuice isn’t just some romantic metaphor for them having a nice little loving affair; in Japanese, lovejuice means vaginal secretion.

Puts it all in a different perspective, doesn’t it.

Also things to note:

1. Jin likes the girl with “green eyes” with an “accent unknown.” Sorry ladies, Jin likes his girls Scottish.
2. He takes “four minutes to take you back.” Only four?
3. Jin has a bodily secretion fetish.

Good thing that the whole song is in Engrish, so listening to it in public won’t cause any embarrassment, because the song itself is pretty jammin’.

That said, good job to Jin with the English! Sure, unless you read the lyrics you can’t understand what he’s singing, but he did write all the lyrics. “Classy like none of the hoes, vibing to the beat of the Boze?” Now that’s poetry.


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it can also be heard as

That luscious drink your legs produce
I can taste that sweet LOVEJUICE

try listen to it again! πŸ™‚

Comment by Mai

“Now that’s poetry.” LOL!

And ewww! Gross lyrics. One time you can be glad you can’t understand what they are saying, perhaps one time you wouldn’t want to πŸ˜€

Comment by Saya

@Mai: That’s what I thought he was saying on my first listen after realizing it was English XD I was shocked.

@Saya: This is possibly the only jpop song where I’m trying to tune out understanding the lyrics. πŸ˜›

Comment by oroitsme

AHAHA! Im loving your blogs YOUR HILARIOUS! KUDOS!
i knew Jin wasn’t all inncent ;)… well hw doesnt seem innocent to begin with but WOW!

Comment by :)

It could be the fact that I have lived in Japan for over two years now… but it wasn’t Engrish at all to me. It was as loud and blazingly clear, spoken better than some of my best English students… I knew what he was saying right away and it sure as heck but a smirk on my face!

California did the man some good! Rowr.

Comment by MeiohSetsuna

lol, this song is innocent to me XDDD Byz – Do you wanna f**k? <<< now that’s dirteh XD But still, this song… :/ The beat’s quite good and I’m actually impressed with the “poetic” words (honestly, when will everyone stop making sex poetic XD), considering JIN wrote them. And it was also quite understandable, the engrish I mean. lol. Only some parts were like ‘huh?’, because he either sang them too fast or too slow.

Now I’m gonna drool over the performance XDD

Comment by Chibilicious

o… πŸ˜€ i thought he loves Asian girls too ^ ^


i love him lots… his voice is too sexy … isnt it?

i want him :d

Comment by jin lover

o_O lol I never knew that he meant “that” lovejuice… ermm that’s kind of weird he can’t speak english well but yet his lyrics are dirty~ lol jin

Comment by nicedream12

Thanks for telling me what Lovejuice actually means. But are you sure about the Scottish accent?

Comment by Aya

@Aya: That was totally a joke on my part. But hey, it’s possible. XD

Comment by oroitsme

I knew it was a joke, but I want the “accent” to be Californian, since actually don’t HAVE accents~

Comment by Aya

HAHAHAHHAA. ohmygod. That is SO funny. pfft. Ohhh Jin. I’m never gonna be able to listen to this song the same way again. Every time I hear it, I’m just going to fall over laughing. oh dear. xDDD

Comment by Eisaykela

i dont think its scottish! i know i have an accent but i dont have green eyes…their hazel!!! *pouts*
kudos to the writer… u all have sick minds! lol

Comment by 2ni

You’re a genius. *snorts*
Japanese sluts hell yeah. ❀

Comment by Plottoberry

@ Aya: That you, Richelle?

Comment by Plottoberry

shocked to the effing MAX!
what the heck is this????!!!!!
even if the video isn’t working for me right now cause it has been taken off by youtube
the lyrics are effing dispicable
i was a fan of Bakanishi too…
*his nickname*
but that is just plain sad
this is the first time
i have seen all of this…
i think i’m gonna cry again T_T

Comment by Yiukarii

OOOOHHHHHHHHH maaaaan~ LOL, I totally laughed my butt off reading the hilarious comments about Jin’s lyrics! Hearing the word lovejuice, I did think that it either referred to the innocent lovejuice or the sexual term and… seeing the lyrics, who knows, it could be the sexual term for all we know. lol, a pretty explicit lyrics coming from an asian singer- besides that one time accusation of Rain and his “magic stick” lyrics xD

Comment by babosooly

Eww! Gross! Vadge secretion?

Comment by jdogg

Oh my god, I was also laughing a lot, when reading your comments about Jin’s lyrics.
Anyway I still like this song just because it’s well written and composed, it’s good to know, that Jin isn’t that prude. I think it’s healthy once in a while to be just honestly dirty. It’s not god to supress your libido for too long. I’m pity the Johnny boys who can’t have openly girlfriends, just to stay “dream boys” for the high school girls. I wish them to get a normal live and being able to do their job as artist – like we all normally do – or like actors like Johnny Depp.

Great praise for this entry! XDDD

Comment by Pu Bea

Unfortunately the videos embeded on your blog don’t work, but, I can watch similar vids on youtube. I think Jin is very inspired by Justin Timberlake. He’s using his lyrics a lot – like in the cartoon kat-tun episode with Leah Dizon. *g* I don’t mind dirty lyric, what are other american musicians doing? It’s quite legal. *g*

And reading the lyrics once again, I also give him credits for the text. Very good written. ^^

Comment by Pu Bea

when was this song written btw? πŸ™‚

Comment by bb

…*prepares to buy green lenses* Im already foreign so who cares xD
The lyrics are pervy….Jins got a dirty mind XD..but I doubt any of us are surprised. The songs beat is nice..the lyrics are disturbing xD

Comment by Kamelover

i think jin want’s to have fun!
and in the other hand
jin is just a human who wants to have freedom to say what he want & coz he is an artist i think theres no problem with that.,

Comment by akamelove_23

Sorry to disappoint you, but the lovejuice is actually a drink containing a girl’s spit. It’s still gross… just not in the way you imagined.

Comment by Jing

you could just listen to the beat of those high bass from Rap songs, i just like rap songs “;~

Comment by Styrofoam Sheets

~`. I am really thankful to this topic because it really gives up to date information *”-

Comment by Silymarin

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