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KAT-TUN – Don’t U Ever Stop
May 8, 2008, 5:12 pm
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KAT-TUN is releasing their next single, Don’t U Ever Stop, on May 12th.

…sometimes, I wonder how huge KAT-TUN fans live. Can they ever pay the rent buying all those releases? Do they go hungry buying merchandise? If you look at that regular edition, you’ll realize that it’s only 476 yen. What?! KAT-TUN only charging 476yen for a single?! Are they pitying the fans’ wallets?

The song by itself is pretty good; it’s not their best song ever, but it’s a catchy rock single completely with the rapping and beatboxing, and now with some Pirates of the Carribean-esque chants scattered around. But is anyone actually even listening to this for the song? It’s all about the elaborate, expensive-looking PV. This is fanservice at its best – KAT-TUN stealthily weaving themselves around girls in ornate pirate costumes, pausing only to break little shiny soul balls that seem to prevent the people from their true selves (aka: prevent them from getting down and dirty like KAT-TUN) and shimmying their hips around to dance.

There is actually a seven minute long version of the PV, of which the first three minutes adds even more fanservice than it already does and doesn’t answer any of my questions (are they playing pirates? are they pirate queens? Why are souls in the form of little glass balls? Who exactly is that blond lady? Why does Kame look like a skinnier Japanese version of Michael Jackson?). It’s all very lavish and extraneous.

If you actually really like “Don’t U Ever Stop” just because you like the song, you’re in luck: you can get it for about $4. But don’t worry, KAT-TUN is going to be able to pay for this expensive PV: there are three limited versions of this single that each contain two members’ solos: Kamenashi and Taguchi, Akanishi and Tanaka, and Ueda and Nakamaru. Can you really miss out on Jin singing a song called “Love Juice?” But you’ll also want that great looking PV, right? With the boys hiprolling around in pirate wear, breaking little crystal balls everywhere? Well, you can get it – once you buy KAT-TUN’s new album “Queen of Pirates” that comes out in a month.

Somewhere, Johnny Kitagawa is cacking gleefully at the cash rolling in.

But don’t get me wrong – “Don’t U Ever Stop” may be a big fangirl pleaser and money maker, but it is a solid song with a great looking (even if great looking in terms of fanservice) video. (And, though the boys are all really really good looking in here (even if Kame needs to roll down his pants), Ueda and Taguchi really surprised me. Lookin’ good, boys, lookin’ reeeal good.)


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Comment by Miss-shinayu

“I wonder how huge KAT-TUN fans live. Can they ever pay the rent buying all those releases? Do they go hungry buying merchandise?”

I have often wondered that myself. However, I shouldn’t be the one to talk since I have spent a lot on KAT-TUN merchandise :3. I have 2 jobs to keep up with all the releases.

Comment by mokona

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