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HAPPY! – episode 3 and 4
May 6, 2008, 2:57 pm
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Overview of episodes 3 and 4 of HAPPY! – animals and massages. This show really is really random and cute. Screencaps from veoh this time!

Episode 3

The show starts off with the usual introductions. Perfume says that Nocchi can count all the different classes of numbers (aka tens, hundreds, thousands, etcetc) and she does – ridiculously. Do Japanese really have the “unbelievably large” class of numbers or is that just a Nocchi thing? XD Either way, because she did it, Sumiko has to do one of her acts as a punishment game.

They go into the show’s theme: pets. Of course, there’s Kashiyuka’s hamsters and Nao’s cat and dog. They also go through other celebrities who have, amonst other things, rabbits, bugs, and tigers.

A-chan acts as the host and announces that with the theme, there will be quiz questions amongst the girls – with a prize for the winner. What’s the great prize? A-chan whips out a signed copy of “GAME.” XD Nocchi and Kashiyuka deny their involvement with her.

The first animal the handler brings out is a flying possum – all the girls immediately go into cute spazzes, especially Kashiyuka, who immediately goes over the hold the little thing.

Next is a mini-pig – which the girls also all marvel over. Kashiyuka is the one who’s really into it, taking the pig for a walk on its leash.

But with the next animal the girls aren’t nearly as enthusiastic – it’s a chameleon. Even Kashiyuka stays away. Sumiko urges Nocchi to hold the chameleon – and Nochi, scared of it, desperately refuses.

Kashiyuka was afraid at first, but finally takes it into her hands. Nao also comes over, and takes the chameleon. The other three girls stay far away. They do a little demonstration with the chameleon, showing how it uses its tongue.

The episode ends as so – Kashiyuka is fondling the little possum, Nocchi is hugging the pig, and Nao awkwardly holds the tree branch that the chameleon is sitting on. XD

Episode 4

The episode starts off with Sumiko and Nao being asked their ultimate, ideal proposal. Nao-chan’s is totally plain – a restaurant proposal. Sumiko’s, however, is long and convoluted, and involves Jack Bauer from 24. But after her long description, A-chan promptly cuts her off – again. XD

The theme for today is relaxation. Before the show, they did a test of some sort to determine overall stress level. The least stressed people are Kashiyuka, Nocchi, and A-chan (oh, you carefree girls), and second most stressed of everyone is Nao.

“You really don’t have to announce who’s the most stressed!” but A-chan does so anyways.

They go look at celebrity blogs that featured different massage methods to calm you down, and then brought out massage experts.

The first lady is brought out. Kashiyuka asks her hold old she is, and everyone is shocked that she’s already 53. She takes them through some ar stretching exercises.

The second lady apparently can really distort her face! She does face-based massages, including this really weird and apparently difficult exercise you do with your tongue.

The last is a man who does something known as Pain Cure Treatment Stretch. He does exercises with all the girls, then brings out a mat to massage one of the girls. Sumiko, being the ultra stressed one, goes ahead and receives it.

The massage is odd (look at that last move!) but does it work? They measure her stress levels again, and – lo and behold – it went down by a lot. Guess all those convoluted massage methods work after all. 🙂


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